Hello world!

Hi there!

This blog isn’t about my ramblings about the happenings or rather the absence of happenings in my life. The subject is a bit local in context while it is global in terms of the repeatability that it finds in the lives of every person at some point or the other.

My plot is simple: describing my college class mates down to the minutest details and create a bit of a series out there. Hope I am able to do justice to the task. I don’t claim that I will be able to do a brilliant job of trying to portray a perfect picture of my classmates. But they are classmates alright, my beloved mates,so I guess I can proudly claim that I know a bit or more about them. And yup! There will be a few who aren’t quite in my department but make it to the list simply on account of the huge amount of space that they command in my mind. so without further adieu, ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the very first personality….



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