roll 1:AVIK

“you worthless boy!you aspire to be an engineer?you can’t even look after this small details in your life?”and avik’s dad continued shouting at him before everyone else beside the admission line.avik tried in vain to get mingled with the pool of tears that was collecting at the base of his feet,hoping with each moment to end the shame there didn’t; the rant just went on and on…and our big lousy avik just turned even redder!it had so happened that avik had forgotten to bring some documents which were necessary for admission from home to college,and the tirade followed!
So that was the first glimpse of avik on admission day. from then on, he portrayed a picture which unconsciously reminded us of a person we all know-inzamam!yup,avik is lazy elegance personified.just look at his gait, the way he talks, never ruffled, never looking troubled,just calmly accepting the thing at hand and trying to the best thing under the circumstances,which more often than not turns out to be the right thing.ask me more about that,I am witness of his prowess during the semesters,he sits beside me mostly,and man!i can vouch for his effectiveness during semesters,he surprises you with the depth of his fundas:)
I remember in first year how much of a devoted card player he was in APC.Now he is a proud resident of VC,the hostel that we all kgec-ians all know about. All its residents are legendary in their own rights,but with a common element, always unwilling to come to college.their logic is simple-the college just doesn’t live up to the high standards set inside their unique hostel. As we go on, we will explore some common traits among all VC residents. They are essentially lazy, exceptionally talented, love to sleep for long hours and are deeply in love with Lord Bacchus!
Even after four years there has been no scandal being spread about avik about his connections with anyone of the opposite gender,and I really found it amusing when his dad used to ring me up during the pre-mobile daz,inquiring about avik’s class performance etc:DI guess his parents were of the opinion that I was an ideal student in college:Dhow true!!
He has recently delved into the depths of java owing to the impetus provided by his future company-HCL,and I want to thank HCL from the bottom of my heart,cos had this not been so, I would have found it difficult to pass the 7th sem,but for avik’s immense java talent:D
The little occasions that we find him at the college premises, he is prone to spend them at kaka’s shop, having tea or the occasional smoke.
Let me conclude by lauding him for his immense powers of application. I know it for a fact cos I was his lab partner for most parts of the first 4 sems, and he was an asset to my group alright.and I want to thank him for almost alwaz gifting me free marks whenever the 2 of us went for a viva together, nearly always he goofed up his easy answer and allowed me to answer;Dthanks mate!
All I can say of him is that he is a very lovely company, nobody will get repelled by him for sure, and his lazy nature is really addictive…a song that I guess typifies avik and his attitude is,”sochna kya, jo bhi hoga dekha jayega!”


7 thoughts on “roll 1:AVIK

  1. mast hoyeche,akdom accurate!!lazy elegance naki!!Suranjana nischoi roll no 53 niye jante chaiche?????otao complete naki akhono research cholche?

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