Alak is someone whom I got to know from very close up way back in 1st year, however cos of circumstances that are undefinable, we drifted apart partially. Let me write something about him at the beginning itself, he is an awesome technician. I mean it; you just had to see how much he loved to work at the mechanical workshop to understand the level of expertise that I am talking about here.
He is a really simple guy, and extremely adept at managing himself. I remember how meticulously he used to arrange each and every one of his belongings in APC, the 1st year hostel. Nothing much has changed at his current room in RBC-it is almost squeaky clean.
Now about a few things between him and myself.alak and I,both of us will never ever in our life forget the magnificently proficient back hand technique of secretly exchanging our answer scripts that we developed during first sem was simply fool-proof.and it guranteed me the topper spot in the first sem that’s something I won’t ever forget in my life!then again,avik myself,and alak had been practical partners for quite sometime,and let me tell you,just like avik, he was an asset as far as the early basic engineering practicals were concerned.(obviously if you ignore the buffoon roll2,this made an awesome group,and how can i forget those ealrly duels we had with roll 5’s group:D)and about workshop-ask anybody belonging to our department and you will get the instant reply-alak was a da vinci at work in the workshop.he finished his own job inch perfectly,then willingly volunteered to finish othr people’s jobs too!with similar results!!cheers,dude!
Let me mention a word or two about his childhood love,he once confided into,of all people,’me’,the details of how much he
loved a girl named c***a(not taking her name here,cos i still blve alak is too good a buddy),bak home,she was a real sweetheart he told people who know me closely also know how attentive i can get at times when i’m in a mood to extract information form people,nd well,this was no exception:D alak just about blurted out every delicate thought that he had in his mind about her.all i’ll say is that,that was a really ‘enticing’ story alright!all the best buddy!
he is one of those guys who got influenced by the college fad,by that i mean,dressing up in a kooool style–to keep pace with the others etc..and this resulted in those wrist bands and watches,the metal crosses,the designer tee-shirts getting changed almost every week and a host of other things.and let me add here his prowess with linux and xp handling.most of the time he is liable to be found in his RBC room,b4 his pc,with earphones in his ears,and playin the latest version of age of empires,or nfs,or tweaking the xp settings,or whatever.
he loves the glass,i’m reliably informed that he is a real sponge these days.and he likes eating fish a lot;he once confided into me that he enjoys the hostel meals more than he does the home cooking!now that’s some exception among engineering students,i can tell you,not many pepole ‘enjoy’ hostel cooking.
on scrutinising him closely,you will see that he is on a constant lookout to look and act a bit on the kooooler side,but otherwise he is an awesome company,i can vouch for that,especially for that backhand technique,jio guru!that was awesome!juniors,if u want tutions in this regard,contact the author here or alak will do too;)
anyways,let me congratulate him for gettin into a Kooool company himself,NIIT,it came late,and it was so awesome to read the happiness in his eyes.
let me finish by saying that here is a guy,who will never ever do anybody any harm intentionally,and is a really trustworthy friend,God bless you mate:)


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