roll 4:AMIT

Ever wondered where will u find a face that is ever-smiling and behind which is all sorts of myriad feelings and emotions that you can’t just decipher? Well, amit is THE person. I can’t recollect a moment of my meeting amit when he wasn’t smiling. And this is just no silly smile, it seems like some kind of natural facial add-on to his features!!


He loves to call me ‘monkey’ for reasons that I dare not guess out here, however all I want to say is that he is still one of the most lovable characters that I’ve ever come across in life. He is an excellent team-man both in acads and beyond. I remember that right from first year itself, when he happened to be the most enthusiastic of all people as far as cricket matches were concerned, unfortunately, at times (very rarely, the ECE match being the most glaring example) he just let us down a bit, but I guarantee you, one just couldn’t get angry with him. He was just his usual smiling self. And u moved on to the next thing in life…

As far his activities in college are concerned, he is most likely to be found roaming about the college premises with any or all of the 3 beauties from up north, around kaka’s dokan, or may be around LH.he happens to be a proud resident of RBC.he lives in kharagpur, I once stayed at his place back in 2nd year while attending the springfest, and I had one of the best experiences of my life. Each member in his house was like amit only, ever smiling and as amiable as u can ever imagine. And I remember the bike ride too, vinod and myself riding pillion, and that awesome cat, which I was tempted to name as swikriti, just for its resemblance to that classmate of ours!!

Amit dear, I haven’t ever been able to gather up the courage to speak to you directly about the incident in early final year, and I didn’t want to do it here too. Honestly speaking however, I want this writing to be a kind of memento that I want my mates to keep with them after we disperse after graduation. So in that spirit, all I’ll simply say is: bhai, exercise some restraint as far as biking goes re…Can partially feel what u and ur family have been thru,nd we are alwaz there for youJ

I remember the severe test that he had to go through during the campusing process and thankfully the manna from heaven arrived in the form of Techmahindra.i heard from someone what his father had remarked after listening to his getting the job, it was just so touching, so fitting for a guy who is just so immensely emotionally strong. I think amit is one of those persons who on the first appearance seem like just another guy, but as time goes by reveal themselves as having depths matching those of the

When amit gives jhappi, he means it. Here is someone, who while saying that he is happy for a friend, is actually so. I remember how he incessantly teased me on being the topper in first sem, all I will say is, amit, you can call me a whole lot more things as of now: D

God bless you in whatever that comes up in your life in the years ahead. I am sure you will shine in any field you embark upon just as your glittering smile doesJ


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