roll 5:ananyo(bumba)

Roll 5

Now folks, I will invest a few extra lines on this character, and pardon me for some of my nasty language, but I can’t help using it while writing about mr.mitraJ.I still remember our first meeting in the admission queue. We were giggling about ragging in spite of having all the seniors around, and joking about the days ahead. Looking back, it feels like, morning showing the day nothing else, cos we have basically joked our way up the engineering ladder! Something in us clicked instantly. Later we both subconsciously realized what it actually was, or rather were. We were mad mad srk fans, we loved quizzing, we were equally passionate about Harry potter and dada (though the reasons were two poles apartJ), we were both the most vocal first years in terms of pure pristine ‘fajlami’.so that is ananyo and myself. Now let’s delve a bit deep into the character of this individual.

Ananyo is a gifted individual, not quite gifted in the usual sense, but for his overall likeability. There is a certain no-nonsense attitude about him which is really endearing. he has got some analytical bent of mind alright-he is good at chess, loves almost any adrenaline pumping compu game, from nfs to quake to fifa 07,his repertoire is huge. This guy is awesome as far as c-programming goes. He is a die hard fan of anything kanetkarsqueJ he used to be one of the last surviving holders of the iconic nokia 3315, till he left that honor pass onto me. And did I forget about his snake prowess? No he isn’t a charmer. I’m talking about the mobile game. One hand, both hands, this guy holds all the possible records that u can ever imagine in the snake game.

About his srk following, his hairstyle is a tribute to the king khan. He makes sure to see nearly each of ‘His’ movies at menoka within 2 days of its release. He is really good at quizzing, but for his inherent laziness, here goes another talent wasted; he would have been an even more awesome quizzer. I have always regarded him as some kind of benchmark to guide me to good quality music, and I will be forever indebted to him for addicting me to a certain group called linking parkJabout his potter craze, I will never forget his experience while buying the 6th potter book!

Ananyo and myself have got a few unfortunate things in common, the biggest being the irritating ‘a’ at the end of our names. we both will never forget the disappointment on the faces of the guys at the valentine’s day quiz at kalyani when they were eagerly expecting the “beauty with the brains” duo of ananyA and alekhyA to step out, and instead got to see the embarrassed two of us stepping forwardLthat apart, he has had his fair share of his same gender preference taunts from everyone in the college, with regards to his mysterious and dangerous liaisons with Mr. khandelwal.this guy was a restrained watcher of ‘p-s’,there used to be no 3-s for him, he found them too violent for his liking. Quite unbelievably the new final year ananyo now finds the 2-s too immature for his liking, and can’t live without his daily 3-a day doseJhow times change!!

He was single handedly responsible for reporting to roll 2 about a certain roll 50 something’s angled looks from the first week of first year. I sincerely believe things wouldn’t have been so very deep, had ananyo not provided his fare share of “ufff-s” and “ahhhh-s”every time she glanced innocently at roll 2Jthe honor of making “b** chal cholar dal” a house hold phrase all over kgec and beyond goes to ananyo! He has the enviable record of having used slangs before almost every other teacher in college, and even before the HR folks of multiple companies visiting our campus.

There was this small second college for the few of us dp-s, it still is. Titled”ananyo’s mess” there are a lot many things I won’t ever forget about my college, but this mess will rank among the top 3 for sure. It has so many memories for me to cherish! How can I forget that night before and after “the tcs day” that adda at midnight before our first ever interview! This mess is kind of a smaller version of the VC hostel; there is something magically intoxicating in the air out there. It led to ananyo’s and others’ dwindling attendance from second year onwards. But let me assure you, like in VC, there is a lot more ‘happening’ stuff out there than in the college premises. in fact there were days when we ended up at this mess from the morning itself bunking classes almost instinctively.

Now a bit about the personal side of ananyo.he is a passionate person.period.i will never forget the tears in his eyes while watching shah rukh’s aman dying in kal ho Na ho.that is ananyo for me. Happy go lucky and cool to everyone, but really soft-hearted inside. Anyone knowing the two of us does so precisely for two reasons, our dada quarrels and for our money related tiffs. He is convinced that I am THE most miserly man on earth. And let me remind him of a sweet ice cream that he had at
Durgapur, how was it mate? Really delicious Na?

He won’t agree with this line of mine for sure, but as if I careJnow about his gal luck, he is positively smitten by‘d*******’, and I wish the Jodi is finalized in the very near future. Earlier he has had short time-pass (at least that is what he calls them) stints with pa**la, pa**a, mi**ti and others, the list is quite long. And did I forget a certain anagram of ‘Amon alis’? Just watch ananyo’s eyes light up every time he talks about the vital stats of that prom queen. He prides himself in having a huge database of girls’ info.

At the end of the day folks, this guy happens to be my first and may be closest buddy in college, I wish, just wish I could fulfill his constant pleadings of,”alekhya,ekta m** dish” every time he saw someone looking at roll 2., I don’t want to elaborate anymore.samajhdaro ko ishara-i kafi hainJ

He is one guy, whose company can’t ever be regretted, in fact it is real value-addition to have ananyo as your buddy for more ways than oneJChal nunku (that is what he is called affectionately by us for he loves simple Bengali to define few specific termsJ), the orkut testi that I wrote for you was just a trailor, in fact so seems this one, all I can say is that this post will be edited in future, more additions expected!


5 thoughts on “roll 5:ananyo(bumba)

  1. well,this is not as interestings as alekhya’s,bt i m just recollecting things abt anonyA.first time i heard his name when suchandra came in our class in the very first week,asking if we know anyone called anonyo.i,we realised that there is a guy who just pass nonstop comments on a perticular girl in our class,who just stares at a guy named alekhya.oneday,i was told,”u dont know anonyo?he is the one who alwys protects alekhya”.gradually the whole of the colg came to know abt the anonyo vivek jori…the most popular jodi in our first yrs.
    my first memorable interaction with anonyo was on the bidhannagar station.he was very nervous because that day suchandra was not accompanying him,and he has to cover all the way from station to busstop,fearing if he would get lost.i was just wondering how come guys can be like this,even i was also new to the place.well,i just waited untill he took his bus,and reached home 30mins later.when my mom asked me the reason for being late,i told,anonyo ke bus e tule mom just started laughing.
    in the class anonyo usually sat behund the girls,and soon we all got accustomed to the new languages,and when i just walk along the road,i can understand some words which were unknown to me 3yrs ago.when i told this,anonyo proudly said i should be thankful to him for increasing the word can well understand what kinds of words they are.
    well,i should be thankful to him for one more reason.because of him,now i know its dangerous to read sms from majority of the guy’s mobile.even i fear to hear any mp3 clippings stored in his cell.
    he says,he is a die hard fan of harry potter.ahhh…. i have a doubt.remember the quiz of our colg?hearing the very first line of the 6th book,anonyo very confidenty told the wrong asnwer so confidently….i just feel like choke him till now.
    one more thing,there are some exclusive sytle icons created by anonyo in our colg.first was the way he used to carry his bag in the first yr…that was wll notices by all the girls,next the strange way he walks…half walking and half dancing and the last but not the least is the way he says “jabbaba”,someone really feels this veerrryy sweet.
    i must say,from the first yrs,i just say rubbish about him,never stops pulling his leg.initially,he used to react,but now whatever i say,he just accepts it with a smiling face.
    well,anonyo beware…someone wishes to give u a tight slap on the last day of our colg to protest the way u used to disturb her aatention towards someone…what can i say…i will enjoy the scene very much,and obiously wishing that this really happens.

  2. “beauty and brains “.oh buddy i rem it.i was der man wid u all guys.tat was one hell of a situation.der was dis compere announcing with all his grandiose the names of those who made it to last eight.wen this fellow came to alek’s and ananyo’s names out came his now famous qoute something of beauty and the brains (he pronounced ananyo’s name ana-nya-aa),asking them to step on stage .i stil rem we all thought it was some oder chap alekhya and some gal an-an-yaa .Now wen no one steped out den it dawned on us he was mispronouncing ananyo’s name.imagine the situation the whole audience waiting expectantly for some beauty (the compere had already hyped it big way) and here comes sheepishly two guys .i was myself in fits jus cuddont stop myself from laughing for next 5 mins.take my word buddy i really cud see a tint of disgust in the poor compere’s face.he was expecting some beauty :).hahhh.real gud time i had wid u guys dos days.thnkx for being der.and alek u rock.carry on .

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