roll 6:Anay

At times there are some unfortunate nicknames that begin to get themselves attached to a person for no apparent reason and continue remain stuck at the cost of constant fun being made of the target person thereof. One such unfortunate victim is roll 6, anay, and the nickname under consideration here is “mr.lathe”, which for the uninitiated is someone who is too slow, too less eager to do anything properly and promptly. Now that would give one an impression of anay being really stout et al, let me tell you, he is anything but that. He is skinny. With specs like that proverbial horlicks bottle’s bottom. The easiest identification mark for anay from a distance is his awesome smile, when anay smiles, be rest assured that all of the 32 and more of his teeth will be visibleJthere are more to this guy than what appears to be.

My earliest memories of this guy is of an intelligent guy who had quick thinking abilities, was street smart and was extremely good at cards too (though ananyo will disagree I guess).he had exemplary marks in his +2, but unfortunately like is most often the case, the marks just gave way to more fetching occupations in college. So what then went on to fetch him the quite antithetical nickname of “mr.lathe”??The answer lies in that land of magic yet again, VC, what else! poor anay!he earned that title during his fresher initiation function at VC.but as mentioned earlier he has abilities that will make your jaw drop with their sheer efficiency. Take for example the pleasant shock that I received from anay during our 3rd semester exams. I remember that it was the day of the data structure exams, and most of us were in a fix with the algo-s and the definitions. and there we see anay entering the exam hall with his full set of graphics instruments, the huge set squares et al.we were shocked thinking what was he up to? What diagrams was he going to draw that we hadn’t a clue about? The answer became apparent half an hour into the exam, when the trademark smile was just sticking to his face permanently. I was in a fix about some question regarding the linked list or something, and anay took pity on me, and asked me to have his set square. I was enraged, what use would the set square be to help me with the full page algo-s? Anay smiled at me blissfully and told me to place them on my answer sheet. I followed suit, and voila! The transparent set squares once placed on the sheet, gave way to all algo-s that I could dream of remembering! They were beautifully scribbled over them in almost invisible pencil marks under natural circumstances. It seemed like messrs lippshutcz and tenenbaum were smiling down blissfully on me, much like our beloved anay!

Then again another stupendous piece of anay magic got revealed during the digital electronics class in 2nd year. We were all chatting away to glory and getting bored to death by the painstakingly uninteresting lecture. And there he was, our anay, looking intently at the professor, not moving an inch with concentration that would have put arjun to shame. We were astounded, what on earth did digital electronics have that impressed our roll 6 so much? We were all in splits when we got to the truth though. this was a time- tested technique put to use by anay,when he basically ‘appears’ to look directly at the professor, but behind his thick-nearly opaque specs, just sleeps away to glory! Now that piece of utter genius is to be seen to be believed, anybody who has seen that piece of stunt will guarantee, the severest of prof-s would have failed to detect this camouflage.

I miss all those rivalries that we shared during the first year practical classes. And how can I forget that shoe stealing episodeJAnay was one of the first mates that I made in college, and he will remain one of the dearest memories that I will take with me. May his huge smile remain on his face all life longJ


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