roll 7:Anirban

I can vouch for it, anybody from kgec who reads the line above will have trouble identifying him, well folks, I am writing about ‘bhutu’ who also happens to be anirban!now he is not really a guy, he is a PHENOMENON. Let me explain why.
I remember my very first conversation with anirban vividly. I saw this guy, with his slouched posture and unsure as to what to with both of his hands (hasn’t changed till date).I tried to strike a normal chat, and there he was, his first words, replying to me directly, “do you know my name? Why do you know?” typical bhutu stuff! basically why he got that nickname I am not too sure myself, but my guess is that 5 minutes with him will make you feel that somehow that name suits him to the ‘T’.now that was the superficial part of it. If u dig deep, you will find some really unique traits in him.
I remember during our English communication class, he stunned everyone with his oratory skills, which I can guarantee, sounded a lot lot better than loads of so called “non-bhutu” people in the class. Later I gathered that he had shown such skills earlier during his hostel (VC) extra currics activities as well. On the flip side of it, anirban is a nightmare to have as your practical partner or to sit beside you in the exams.
“Don’t you want to pass? Have you even done anything about the experiment yet?” this might be acceptable coming from some really experienced faculty, but bhutu! He might not have touched a single piece of equipment, but he almost never refrains from making such a remark. As for having anirban sit beside you during the sem-s, I can give a first hand experience. He has an awesome quality of making you feel ashamed for not letting him see your answer script, he demands, and right from the first minute that you show every syllable of what you write. Let me tell you folks, I have had interesting chats with bhutu alone; he throws some of the most brilliant quotes you can ever imagine. Somehow I feel that he needs some time with himself every day and let go. That will make things better for him.
Talking of bhutu’s antics, I will never ever in my life forget the sight during the 2005 exotica fest evening; when a drunken bhutu just hugged ananyo and didn’t let go of him for the next five minutes, shit yaar,how did I miss a handy cam then! I was the sole eye witness then, you should have seen them interact! Bhutu uttering, “Please forgive me ananyo?”, and ananyo struggling hard to free himself, all the while yelling, “ok, ok s**a, b*l c**l, now leave me!”
Anirban has self-appointed different folks for different purposes, like I’m his placement-info personnel,bani(roll 14)happens to be his studies related info guy, and the list goes on, with different categories of class test,practical,exam dates, hostel fees and so on.
One of the sweetest things that I have encountered in college is that of bhutu falling in love, with a gorgeous gal named “su******ta”of another neighboring department. We all remember the beautiful letter that he wrote for her in his utterly illegible handwriting and showed it to all of us in the compu lab.well, the relationship didn’t quite take off, but don’t u wry mate, there are better things and gals in store for you:)
At the risk of sounding gyan giving, I think at the end of the day, he basically needs to sort out his thoughts, that will do.he has some traits in himself that are unique in their own rights, and if he can make proper use of them, then what else, we might all start calling him anirban unanimously again!


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