roll 8:ANKIT

If I’m ever asked to select a person whom I regard as the best student in class, ankit it will be. And let me tell you it’s not because of the marks that he gets (in any case, he was never the topper in class in any semester), but because in my view, he is a perfect example of a complete engineering student.

Let me begin from the first year itself, in the APC hostel, his was the room that we used to frequent the most. I remember how very meticulous he was in his ideas and belongings right from those very early days. I liked that so much that at times he almost convinced me to come down to stay in the hostels in that yearJ. His gentlemanly manners early on and the way he still managed to mingle with everybody endeared himself to all of us. I remember the way I held an impromptu election in class, where he was elected the CR with almost no opposition (we will come to that later on though).the only trouble was that, there was a rumor going on in the hostels, that ankit was probably lacking a bit on the enthusiasm front in one particular area we are all prone to love in collegeJ

How he transitioned himself into the perfect example of a programmer per excellence was to be seen to be believed. He became the blue eyed boy of a certain mam-m******a. her constant soulful calls of “roll no 8-ankit” was heart-wrenching to say the least-and it has remained so until this day! I tried in vain to learn c-programming from him before the 2nd semester. Out here I got to mention a word about his infinite patience, the way he will take trouble to make you understand a concept that he knows through and through. And let me tell you in this context, how utterly disappointing he can prove to be in the exam hall. You are bound to be disappointed if you ask something to him in there. He mumbles the answer in a tone and volume which is perfectly audible only to the ants walking past his feet. However his handwriting and his pattern of answering is just ideal, as I’m reliably informed by roll 14(we will take that up later onJ)

There are more compelling un-academic reasons for which I regard him as a perfect student. You just had to see to believe the way he, alongwith roll17, handled the limited resources to organize the freshers’ welcome ceremony in our 2nd year. People who watched him closely during that period learnt a lot from him, in terms of his organizational capabilities. Hats off mate. You deserve the kudosJ.on the romantic front; he has surrendered his heart to a damsel in kharagpur since early 3rd year. And he just looks every bit a responsible hubbyJ. And most of the residents of the “preetilata nivas”really love him for a certain incident that took place between his hostel new hall and them just a few days before exotica 2005J.

Another snippet that I would like to add is about the way he handled bhutu in the earlier days of our practicals, I remember the patient way in which he made him conversant with the ways of the experiments and just never lost his cool in the process.

Hey man, I have praised you too much, now about a certain negative if I am able to fathom one! One thing that I would like him to improve in himself is his tendency to do the most important of things and still shy away into the background. Although this may sound more like a virtue than a vice, but I really wish he advertised himself a bit more than a few others in other departments who have done a fraction of what he has and still earn more kudos than ankit has.

Anyways,one line that I will end up with, if ever I’m to study engineering(I hope I don’t have toJ),I wish I study like ankit.


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