roll 9:ANUP

If ankit is a programmer per excellence, here is a programming genius. And man, I want to thank you in the beginning itself for the wonderful company that you gave me in the sixth neck almost broke, but your codes and answers and the grade at the end of it all soothed the pain so much
He is a silent smiling amiable fellow who will do the most incredible things that sounds remotely like programming. In the exam hall, he used to be the complete opposite of ankit; he left his own answering to help others answer. Though later on he realized the mistake and became a bit more reclusive. He is really introvert and rarely interacted with people in the beginning. I remember him being the quietest boy around and now as I look at him, I marvel at the amount of effort that he has put in to become what he is now. Most people in our nation end up in the engineering stream that they study by default, because of the ranks that they get in the entrance exams. But here is a rare example of getting a stream that suits the student perfectly.
Romantically his linking is something that I’m confused about. earlier it used to be rocking, which is really expected, any sensible girl will like his amicable ways, but probably the boat got a bit rocked later on, and the current situation isn’t so clear actuallyall I know is that, here is a person who has his priorities in place, so whatever will happen to him will be for his good.
He is a proud resident of new hall and has got himself placed in that company where we are all going to have a re-reunion post graduationand that really soothes my nerves, at least I know someone from whom I can outsource codes in case I can’t search them out online during my projects
He is most likely to be found in the first two rows in class, listening intently to the teacher. This guy isn’t a read-it-all sort; he is a clear-the-concept sort by a big way. And that’s a huge asset to have in any stream that one chooses for himself. It is utterly impossible to find any fault with this guy, he is just so many definitions rolled into one-adding to the list above, hard work and sincerity are things that I can identify himself with.
Let me warn you though, having read the earlier lines if one gathers a picture of a sanyasi in disguise of an engineering student, you are mistaken. He is as prone to pranks and jokes as any normal individual. It’s just that he knows to draw the line a bit better than most of us do. God bless him in his future ventures and all that he does in his life.


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