roll 10:Anupam

If I don’t call him our dear old ‘hiju’ the intro wouldn’t be honest enough. So this is anupam, the guy about whom my outlook changed the most in my engineering years. My first image of anupam was this typical first bencher who was just forcefully trying to strike up a conversation on somebody else’s orders. He confided to roll 14 once that he would rather give his hand away than copy from someone else’s answer script even during the class tests. Poor anupam! How times change! Later on, and even till today, he is most likely to be found copying answers (as most others) from other nearby peoples’ copies at a speed that would put the canon photocopier to shameJ

And the other noticeable thing about him was ‘jaguli’-his native maternal uncle’s place-that was the other name that got stuck with him in those early days. I listened to him in rapt attention once when he talked about fish farming in his native place-his swimming antics are the other thing that one can really love to listen to. In those initial weeks itself, we learnt one day that the earlier evening he had traveled by train all alone with two gals of our class. Now that spread like wildfire-and he was interrogated big time by all the ones who had the slightest bit of interest in the other two!hingsrohiju1

And did I talk about his ‘potential’ bit? Back in APC he was renowned for having shown off his potential regarding “…. …“ to his fellow room mates anay,avik and atta(roll 19).add to that the description that he gave us of k**a s***a that he claimed to have read in school itself, and no wonder we had started respecting him a lot by then itself!

Back in 2nd year, he got dangerously smitten by a gal named n****a from first year. I will never forget the friendship that he set up with the people at palta station while waiting endlessly for her to come, almost falling in love with the amiable mashi at the tea stall in the processJI have always felt that there is a certain amount of steel in him which gets him more prepared than an average folk to handle tricky situations. the way he handled his initial upsets in the campussing process and then subsequently worked the hardest to get through into a good concern was really inspiring.alongwith roll 1,he was bitten by the java bug post campussing,and did I forget to mention his amazing transformation funda-wise during the campussing season. He almost inspired complete no-coders like me to start believing in ourselves to hone our programming skills.anupam is an ideal example of how belief in oneself can take anyone through any obstacle.

Self-reliance would be the word that I would use for him. And though his love life was touched upon a bit in the earlier part, let me explain the real story out here. his true love interest, right from pre-college days, and then see-sawing in and out of his life and presently almost permanently settled into his life is “u***m**a”. Just mention the name before him, and you will marvel at his gold flake stained teeth’s smile that he produces. Recently he remarked to yours truly in private that he doesn’t get the flavor of any gathering unless ‘she’ is there. Poor thing, how will you workJ? This guy is a devoted lover. he was always, and God willing, I just hope that his fine tuning is over for goodJ The fascination of his would be mother in law about a certain company that anupam didn’t manage to join was the funniest part for us to joke about. He has recently started to have a fling with roll 53-and we are all a bit concerned about the train journey of anupam and his colleagues on their way to office during joiningJ

He is a chain smoker, trying to give up smoking (as most smokers dream of doing) in vain all the time. He is probably the most vocal supporter of ‘dada’, along with roll 5, which comes as no surprise as he hails from behala.

In college he is most likely to be found at kaka’s shop, smoking the umpteenth flake or having the all time fav paratha and ghugni or gossiping away to glory with roll 58.

Beneath the ordinary exterior of anupam lies a persona of real depth, you can realize that when he gets into one of his philosophical word giving moods while walking down from college to the station. Remember that famous walk back to the station mate? When we two discussed the intricacies of the mind of the woman in detail? And failed miserably as is evident from our deeds subsequentlyJ??Cheers and all the very best in all that you do in life!


One thought on “roll 10:Anupam

  1. when u know a lot abt someone,u cnt describe him properly.may b this is the prob i m facing now.our first meeting accordng to anupam,was at park srt,during councelling.though i dont remember that,but surely that day anupam cud nt even imagine in his drm that we cud be,we met on our admission day.when my mom told me there is a guy 4m behala,i thought “so what?”yep,thats the initial root of freindship between us,the behala bond.
    i can definitely say that in the whole colg,i know his mind the best.the way he get tension when someone from behala looses temperament even to the slightest extent,is really unbeleivable.everytime when i try to xplain that this happens with everybody,he never understands.the whole world for anupam starts and ends to ony one girl.
    may be i hav seen his sadest days in colg,how stupidly he ruined his semester results,chances to be in wipro.Oh can one be soo foolish and adament??
    and even in his happiest moments,anupam starts screeming in a peculiar low voice.
    we hav tried to support one another every can i forget when in early 2nd yr,i just told whatever came in my mind,while i was angry with someone else,a guy of 3rd yr mech.even on that day,in the train i over reacted so much,that everybody in the compartment tried to make put why this stupid noisy girl shouting at the two guys.
    but hold on,this is the person who just made me to wait for the longest time,not for him,but to make me see the girl who made anupam to feel “kuch khuch hota hain” in colg.we used to wait for 2hrs long in the msb building waiting for the end of first yr classes.even during that time,he narrated the whole letter he wrote for that first yr girl.
    talking abt his studies,i can remember the first electrical class test in 1st yr,hieghest was 10 out of 15,and the scorer was anupam debnath.Next,in the c lab classes,everytime when he tried to make a prog to print a certain name starting with “u” 5times,he made mistake.i tried to explain the other aspects of c,but it was futile.and suddenly in the starting of 5th sem,goss,look at anupam,just solving c probs in no time.the best comment in this regard was mabe by roll14,saying that he was amazed to see anupam giving fandas in C,after 1mth(roll 14 suffering from pox)and could not relate to the anupam,who 1mth before used to say “i dont know nothing abt c”.what a transformation.
    basically,this guy can do everytime,but only on one condition,he needs the motivation from “U*******”.
    but,i would hav missed something if 4th yr wouldnt have come.I was in the hostel for sometime,and suddenly i saw anupam talking and gigling outside the LH with two girls.amazing..i myself could nt beleive that in my eyes.later i came to know the true story.he was actually trying to hav a mobile charger,and that was the reason he started fluttering a girl of the class.not only that,i remember everytime how he smiles when he finds someone perticular from LH can solve his problem.
    anupam is a person,who can just do anything for a freind.a true freind indeed.I just hope that we remain in contact when he will go to noida,but defenitely,i m afraid abt that.may be oneday,i may get a call getting the info that anupam getting intimate with r*****.that is my nightmare.
    i just missd a u know anupam’s guru????no????then know it.a senior from mech dept,from behala.

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