roll 11:Arijit,err..bairagya

Babla or bairagya or AB are the various names with which we know him.arijit, or his first name, is something that we have nearly forgotten by nowJhere comes another talent in disguise. He came across as someone special from the very beginning. deceptively quiet, always having a sheepish smile across his face, and someone who is an awesome company. And babla’s company is something anyone will cherish. He cuts the funniest of jokes and at the most inappropriate moments. one such example was at one in the night when we were all watching a late night ‘3’ show at the APC hostel with a special group performance on screen with AB walking in and his first remark being “boshe c**do protijogita” literally throwing everyone into splits immediately. And how can we all forget the famous ‘bhagyoban’ comment that he made during GS sir’s communications lab. He really fell in love with GS sir in the process, just ask him about that and you will realize whyJ

He is technically extremely gifted, awesome coder, takes pains to elaborate difficult conceptual topics to buddies in hostel or elsewhere. simply the kind of character that makes me rue the fact of missing out on hostel life in collegeLone of perfect examples who care a damn about the grades and go on studying in depth about topics that they love.

He has had few run-ins with love in early life, in fact back in first year we used to talk on a few occasions on that touchy topic in the workshop I rememberJhe is extremely introvert regarding this aspect of his life, and as in any other person he deserves a bit of space too. He has had a sweet experience when roll 32 did a nice ‘job’ to him, hopefully accidentally, in hostel onceJ

He stays in RBC and is one of the shaans of the hostel in that regard. I have always liked the imported chocolates that I have the occasion to share with him whenever his brother has brought them home from The States. A chain smoker and a sponge to the core, he loves his RC-s and white mischief-s. He is famous for his expertise at preparing the perfect mix for sidhdhi and bhang and ganjikaJhe is most likely to be found at his hostel room wearing the skimpiest of briefs and sleeping till 1 owing to a late night binge session. His attendance almost touches VC levels during most semesters and only rarely does he suddenly have an awareness of attending most classes for compensating purposes.

He is clearly poised for bigger things in life and I wish that he never loses the fun aspect of his character everJ


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