roll 12:Arnab

Arnab is someone about whom I have had the funniest of experiences in spite of his appearance looking just the opposite. The first and primary thing that you notice about him is his passion for cricket. He is a die hard-non English supporter:)and let me mention about the historic series that we had played at the ground in front of the mess of roll 33do you remember it mate? Ok for the uninitiated let me recollect the results,he suffered a humiliating 2-1 series loss in the hands of our rag-tag teamHe even went on to have a midnight team meeting to strategize for the next series the result of which is unimportant as far as I’m concerned.
Since his childhood he has had an unfortunate tendency of getting caught in ‘the act’. His first unfortunate escapade happened in school when he was caught in the act by a teacher. He was famously caught by his mother while watching a ‘2’ on his home pc.he thanked his stars because arguably the most decent part of the ‘2’ was being played when the interruption happened.
He, alongwith roll 15 and roll 62, is a victim of exemplary elder brothers who have done brilliantly as engineers.
Now about the unique bits of arnab. His attitude has undergone a sea change (only superficially) in the recent years. What is most endearing is the way he gets into adda mood 5 minutes into the conversation.
I think he is the second instance that I have encountered in life who simply admires sunny deol and his works. He is utter God to arnab.never ever get into an argument about sunny with him. Or else you run the risk of facing the unbelievable comment that the pump uprooting scene from gadar is one of the the best scenes bollywood has ever seen or heard
He has a very mathematical (read statistical) bent of mind. He actually almost got into ISI before joining engineering. Quite naturally he had a jolly good time during the fourth semester when there was a plethora of stat topics in the math syllabus.
Regarding girls, he has a very aesthetically sexy kind of view of them. by that I mean, just ask him the dream girl that he would like to have as his partner and watch him speak like a Victorian age poet with intricate details as to what he wants at each specific locationarnab is actually extremely innocent as an individual, a do-no harm guy. He is extremely conscious of his physique, does yoga every morning and loves to keep healthy. He shares the tag of belonging to the gorillas of the class (for obvious reasons) along with roll 2
At the end of the day he is someone who makes a classroom all the more funny a place for everyone


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