roll 13:ashutosh

“Siuhfiweh iphqoiehq iHGSt heuiu dhsao ewoihewe?”Did you have trouble deciphering anything from the above line? If no, then chances are that you will be ashutosh’s best friend for life. If yes, welcome home buddy, you are a mere mortal like all of us. that is how all of us remember ashutosh or rather ashu-whose speaking habits are impossible to replicate or understand at one go.ashu, as we’ll always remember is the ‘rolling stones gather no moss’ type that he was till the last few days of our college days when u suddenly grew up to the need for showing maturity in your mannersJ

The very first day in college. we are attending an orientation in NCR with the erstwhile princi, and at the end of it, on being asked to clear up any doubts in our minds, here is the chubby almost too cute boy standing up at the back and asking in his usual almost impossible-to-understand English,”sir, when will classes start? I’m really bored with staying at home; the classes at the college just don’t start!!”it became abundantly clear that here was a special case for us to handleJhis handwriting gave me hope, for the first time in my life I saw someone’s writing being worse than mineJthe experience just got sweeter with ashu giving us nice smallish treats of ‘dilkhush’-es and chips and most of all his fav in those daz,bananas and more bananasJbananas remind me of an ashu experience that wasn’t sweet though, with ashu’s banana like(the thicker variety not the thin singapuri ones)  fingers wrapping around our noses to give it a mortifying pinch. Thus it wasn’t long before nearly all of us around ashu had red swollen noses.

Ashu reserves nice shortened form of our names for all of us, thus somak becomes somu, praloy polu and yours truly alooLnow you have the pot calling the kettle black!

Ashu is probably the least deserving of all to enjoy a fee waiver at college. what else do you want to tell about someone who has a laptop and a digital diary and ipod at his disposal since as far as I can remember.ashu is a frequent visitor to chandni and college street and loves to keep himself informed about the latest happenings in the tech world, though his degree of success is doubtful most of the timesJhe once considered me a reference for the perfect assembling of his pc parts! And at his household I once used to be a benchmark of being a good student. How can I forget the day his father once rang me up to enquire as to whether ashu was attending his classes regularly and attentively?J

His dada is a high flying engineer who has been all over the world, and thanks to him ashu was seen with the latest gadgets and the best tee-s wrapped around his banyan like structure. Now that brings me to the first thing that you will notice about ashu-his physique.

As is evident from the words above, he is plump, but let me give you some details. if you ask ashu to stand in a military attention pose and observe him from the front this is what will be seen-a Chinese flower vase like structure-above it all-a ball(basketball not football) in the form of a head, followed by a bull like neck-the chest is awesome(roll 15 has seen them at ashu’s place and certified that it is more attractive than his ownJ)-followed by,oh!THE belly-which will put kumbhakaran to shameL.then the body suddenly tapers, with his duck like(kind of webbed)feet at the end, all in all-a package that will drive any girl crazyJthe very sight of ashu on his physics-law-defying cycle with the thinnest of tires and rolling(ya,not cycling)down the campus is a sight to behold. we lost count of the number of times that ashu fell of his cycle in the process-in fact he once fell off dangerously close to the train while walking down the platform-truly his gait is something to behold-just watch him walk down anywhere and you will wonder whether he is in a real hurry to respond to nature’s call or to meet his belovedJ

That brings us to the girl issueJahem; I see roll 58 blushing alreadyJhow can we forget the awesome exchange between them all through, with death threats flowing thick and fast(courtesy a muscular ME seniorJ)! till this date the chemistry between them remains unmatched, I have tried my level best to reconcile the two, butL.also there has been the odd fling for ashu in other colleges, the case of I***A of IEM is a case in point, I will always remember how angry ashu got when I befriended this I***A in orkutJashu is very possessive about persons that he loves, ask roll 58J

Though ‘bhutu’ anirban is a real terror to have as your lab partner, ashu gives him very close competition. Just watch him ask one irritating question after another to the teacher and his partners until they are driven mad. it would be something like,” mam/sir yeh kya hoga?””Yeh kya kar raha hain?”.”Ye kyun nehi hua?”, “Magar phir bhi…”, “aur phir?”…and last of all (a kind of relief actually) “mam/sir, nehi ho raha hain, ab kya?”From the very first semester I have wondered WHEN does ashu write his answers during the exams, whenever I look at him, he keeps on looking around, at me or someone else, giving his famous shy smile and then blushing down and then continuing looking aroundJ

Now something a bit different, nowadays ashu is vastly changed from the picture portrayed above. Some walk for 40 kms or somewhere abouts changed his physique drastically around middle of 3rd year. He has slowed down a lot. it was really a nightmare to receive a call from ashu earlier, not because we didn’t want to talk to him, but because you had to rely too much on your instinct to guess 90% of the million words that he was saying in his own unique styleLnow things have changed, he has toned down unbelievably! And about a small trivia-I will forever be thankful to his handsome tie that proved lucky for me in my campus interview and has not let anybody (with names starting with ‘a’) down in interviews since thenJ

The best thing about ashu is how his presence almost always never allows the mood of a group to droop. He is especially close to roll 15, roll 45, and roll 41 and forms one of the most regular personnel to attend classes along with them. Unfortunately things have changed over the years and ashu too bunks classes these days on a regular basisL

I think here is a guy about whom I can write a lot more, will edit later on I guess.i believe that ashu has done a great job of turning the so-called unlucky number 13 lucky for himself,touchwud!

One line will sum it up I hope-had there been no ashu in class, I would have struggled to call it a ‘classroom’ in collegeJwhether that is for the good or bad is better left for future speculation!


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