roll 14:bani

I was once fiddling with a software named anagram generator-a software which threw up seemingly meaningful anagrams from supposedly meaningless words. And Banibrata’s name gave me ‘a brain bat’. Now I wonder whether I have got a more apt anagram from anyone’s namelet me explain why. he is an info seeker per excellence-and that is why I’m adopting a different well arranged approach to write about bani,well that is the shortened name he has come to be known by now, he is sometimes called ‘banu’ for obvious reasons that I’ll come to later on.

‘The beginning’—my first day on my way to kgec.while strolling down the belghoria station platform, I see this guy for the first time. there was bani,with his typical a-bit-slouched back posture, with his left hand placed delicately in a bent position on the strap of his bag(the old one-not the chosen one)and with the other hand scratching his chin unsurely while looking around here and there. It was easy to identify him as one of my batchmates, cos of our wonderful uniforms back in those days. I befriended him only temporarily, little did I do then that it was going to be such a long partnershipthen again the first big chat with bani happened in train when we sat together in train on a Wednesday afternoon while on our way to attend a mechanical class of nearly no significance. I remember his talking about how he used to believe that he is merely doing a favor to kgec by coming down to study here and that he used to think that he should have been in some other bigger institute -well, until thenI came to know of his RKM background, which has held him in a different light in our eyes since then. One thing that has been the biggest piece of puzzle for us is that, if bani is a RKM product, how can roll 33 also be one?
‘The q factor’-along with ananyo, bani and me forged an early partnership for quizzing way back in first year itself. We were led by prasenjitda (debdasda to be exact) in whom bani found his own self in a big way. We marveled at the similarities between those two, especially in matters pertaining to the cerebral issues. The only issue with bani has been, in the implementation sector. He will horde all kinds of information, share them with us in all earnestness but when the crunch time comes he painfully falls short of implementing the same. Mind you such setbacks have been few and far between, he has proved a more than capable quizzing persona in college than one can ever dream of
During our train journeys and our sojourn at belghoria stations, I happen to have unique access to bani’s databaseand that guarantees me to learn a lot of things from him, in fact rarely does a day pass in college when I don’t learn anything from bani.I believe the same applies to each one of us of his batchmates.the best thing about him is that he doesn’t carry any airs about himself in spite of the remarkable abilities that he possesses. Needless to say, the lessons of humility that I have learnt from bani in the years gone by will hopefully bear fruitanother lesson that bani has taught us is about handwriting-I have learnt that you can also write the same script that I write in English in my horrible scribbling handwriting in some writing like bani’s.this is not a joke. His handwriting is too delicately pretty to be believed-it gives us too much inferiority complex. It seems like while writing each one of his words, he is actually painting the figurine of his dream girl
‘He hasn’t done ‘it’ yet’-by that I don’t mean the thing that we expect most college-goers to have done by now, but I’m referring to the primitive bit that all boys start doing by the time they are in 3rd or 5th standards may be. The piece of stat may sound incredible to many, like it did to us, or rather still does to us. One of my friends famously remarked that he is really damn jealous of bani for the vast stores of ‘*****’ that he still has at his disposal .Yes ladies and gentleman, bani hasn’t done ‘it’ as yet. you ask him the question, why bani?he answers, that he hasn’t felt the need as yetman, that’s scary to say the least, scary for many reasons, above all you doubt whether it is ‘self-control’ or ‘self-torture’. Then you fear about the probable acid rain that awaits bani’s locality when he finally decides to end his abstinencea possible question that arises from this scenario is about his attitude to gals.well, that’s the longest story to be shared, and it is next.
‘O amaye pagol kore dieche’-whose words are these? Well if you knew bani in first year, then you would probably not imagine him saying this in your wildest dreams, but yup, bani did say them. To whom? well roll 2, of all peopleI will never ever forget the burning desire in bani’s eyes when he said the self same words to me in reading room in first year while speaking to me about roll 58(now I don’t know what is it with roll 13 and 14, two consecutive wickets-clean bowled by roll 58).bani had fallen for roll 58 absolutely hook, line and sinkerany mention of that episode nowadays will fetch the self same dialogue from bani,’every man commits some mistakes’. let me tell you folks;I,me,myself ‘m guaranteeing you, that day in the reading room when bani had chosen me as his advisor par excellence he had confided into me how deep an impact she has left in his heart. And that wasn’t any mistake at all, it was pure, unadulterated desire, so much so that a reliable source informed me that bani waited for hours at book fair 2004 to have a single glimpse of his dream girl. I have always felt that bani has two hearts, one that is cerebral the one pertaining to roll 58, and the other one that is well, belongs to some other part of his anatomy and that is the reason for the roll 53-s and the jh***m-s.just watch bani’s eyes light up every time he speaks of what he desires to do with the two mentioned above. On that same topic roll 21 is testimony to the Olympic-style long jump that bani gave when he was invited by the 3 beauties from kalimpong to install Linux at their pc-s in the ladies’ hostel. Well, it is another sad story that chicken pox deprived bani to install Linux and who knows what else() into the machines that time aroundAnd did I mention that he is a ‘chosen one’? Well, bani loves every bit that is IBM, and why won’t he? considering the reason that apart from being the biggest IT company in the world it ensures him a position in the company that has as one of its targets to have the best sex-ratios among all companiesthe degree of bani’s desires can be gauged from the fact that he craves for ‘ma**ni-di’ as his mentor in IBM followed by his desire to mentor the prettiest of gals the next yearhe has recently decided to give way to chinos and jeans from his beloved trousers just to impress roll 53 that much more in the disguise of sharing java lessons at ardent.well,to pun a bit,bani’s ‘ardent’ desire is to have a steaming hot java beans session. Now now folks, I was talking about a j2ee class, what were you all thinking about? Dirty minds
‘The best bit’-when I look back, I consider myself just too lucky to have had bani as my buddy in college.alongwith roll 21, bani and myself were considered as the DP marathoners of our college. we had all kinds of awesome ideas and plans to falsely tempt people into treating us with delicacies ranging from nimboo pani to pakoras to sugarcane juice, our plans were intricate and the fruits of success were awesome to say the least.along with ananyo and anupam,bani is arguably the biggest supporter of sourav ‘dada’ ganguly.and that is the reason for the numerous heated arguments in the train.bani is a master at financial control, by that I mean, he will take the biggest pains to calculate the cheapest way to do anything which has various options to implement.bani had discovered celebritymoviearchives on the net way back in second year and spread the virus among us big timehe is a firm believer in the proverb of ‘necessity is the mother of all inventions’ and that’s because of the tension that he had to suffer when he had to erase the really controversial contents of his ‘history’ folder after his first satisfying session with his home pc and the subsequent successful discovery that brought him huge reliefwe all hope that bani loses his self imposed ‘N’ status and turns into ‘B’ as soon as possible. Or is he planning a direct transition into ‘L’ status?
All in all, the very fact that you have been my batchmate, stationmate, quizzing partner all rolled into one has really enriched me as an individual mate.bani is bani.incomparable.period.
God bless you in everything that you do in life.


5 thoughts on “roll 14:bani

  1. I just feel that u have entirely described “Banu’s ” life in d best possible way. A bit too personel statics have been revealed though, I think Bani-Bra-Ta would take it sportingly. Well done buddy.

  2. i know,people are eagerly waiting for my i am back again..
    commenting abt bani is really difficult…though both of us are freinds,but still one of my regrets abt the kgec phase of my life is that me and bani could not be good freinds…
    its not our mistake,but the way my jem like beutiful freinds pass the comments,made me very uncomfortable to talk to bani.
    basically,since i am from a girls’ school,i had very little ideas abt guys when i was in the 1st sem…i thought that very very well behaved and shy guys are extinct like dinosaurs in the world…specially the city guys.this imagination broke one evening,while i was returning home from colg.bani was sitting beside me,very quite and very timidly.his eyes were looking down,as if he was a bride in the marraige ceremony.i could not supress my laughing,and i asked bani why he is so shy???in reply he just made a comment,that i will seriously never forget:-“ami to boys’ school theke eshechi,tai ami meyeder sathe comfortable noi.”ha ha…shortly after,we(the 2007batch,pritilata bashinda)named bani as “lajjabati lata”..well,the name is extinct now,and hardly anyone remembers now.
    I was more of a like informer in the 1st yrs…getting news abt the guys,(specially abt roll2,if he is engaged or not,and if he feels for roll 53,and all that sorts).One day in the train,I was listning conversation between bani and proloy,and i got the clue that bani likes a girl in our class..i was sure that it was roll 53…my mistake..but dont u guys think that i am a good astrologer?sees the future??if not then,its now…
    Things have changed much now,but still first yr memories are grt to cherish…If i am not wrong,i nearly stopped talking to bani from 2nd sem onwards..again because of rool-2,5,21 and also 2more people(i dont want to mention them).I remember how everyone passed comments abt us,and whenever i requested bani to make all these foolish comments stop,he used to say,he enjoyed that..such silly things…I felt like to kill all of them…thats an honest confession..
    I honestly think that people should understand the mistakes and should not repeat the mistakes..Well,bani has the quality…and i respect him for that.Unlike others,he dont repeat his mistakes..from….to campassing..
    He missed the TCS,but may be that proved good,because IBM offer more money,Kolkata posting and may be a mentor like M*****Di…who knows…
    Talking abt this,I again remember the time before the college fest in our final and dwaipyayan were supposed to go to seniors for collecting funds,and bani,with roll 5 and 10 were going to invite some colgs..At ultadanga,when i reached,i saw bani waiting for the other twos..when i told him that i was supposed to go to IBM,Oh GOD,a spark lit into bani’s eyes,and he wanted to go with us,just to see his future mentor(may be).
    Roll 2 did mention abt the impact of roll 53 and j****m in bani’s life..but did he mentioned the story of bani’s cutting hands for roll 53 during the 7th semester???ha ha,the story spread like cakes in the christmas season..and even roll53 made beutiful comments to roll10 abt that..
    According to me,this guy is really capable of doing grt things…but look at him just too lazy to do anything.even before the GATE,whenever i asked him to solve any maths problem,he never did…and afterwards,he informs us abt his brilliant freinds’ result with a deep breathe..
    Well,i think i have already wrote a huge comment..just an advice mate…dont be that lazy..u can to better in life…and do something abt j****m…best of luck…

  3. haste haste pete khil dhore gelo.satti bani alek tomake to lute pure sesh kore dilo.hook line and sinker .akhono haschi.banir image ta chirodin anno chhilo amar kachhe,anek kichui mone pore or sambandhe sei intelligent eyes,sei gait everything jus speaks of restrained brilliance to use alek ‘s words.jai hok ajke anek kichui janlam.hahha.ebong notun ekta image toiri hochhe.grt.grt.khub sundar lekha hoyechhe .alek kudos to u.jabbar hoyechhe alek.hahaah.

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