roll 15:’chiru’-chiranjit

Chiranjit was shortened to chiru probably on the first day of college-because I can remember only the teachers calling him by his original first name during attendance, and none in class has called him anything else since then. In the beginning here was a guy, traveling with us on train, who claimed to know every nook and corner of salt lake and still failed to name one bus that goes past his house every day. He used to be a DP along with us in the very early days in college. I remember a particular day when we two were the only ones to return by the 4:30 train and we gave each other a mutual treat that any vendor offered to us, so much so that at the end of it all we were so stuffed that there seemed no further scope for a meal afterwards. Whenever chiru got down at sealdah to get to

College Street

or to any other place he was almost always grabbed by the ever hungry shark named roll 21 to treat him to some delicacy or other like a lassi or a roll. and bani and roll 2 were unfortunate listeners to the detailed explanation from roll 21 of chiru’s benevolence the previous dayL later on chiru went on to stay at APC before moving on to roll 33’s mess, where he received legendary status. Let me explain why.

Early in 3rd sem, chiru grabbed a name for having exemplary understanding of computer organization and digital electronics. We used to approach him with fear as to what hi-funda thing will he throw up in reply. unfortunately during the various viva voce-s and the sem-s he painfully fell short of applying the funda that he accumulated during the whole yearLthe other legend from chiru was after having studied intensely all through the day and night and God knows when else, when he peeked into somebody else’s room and saw someone studying for a change he used to take great pleasure in shouting,”hey…ganthu ganthu!!”he was given a proper ragging-loaded welcome to roll 33’s mess when among other things he was asked to clean up the floor with a broom on his very first dayJhe also has a legendary, well to put it mildly, ‘bust’.the boys in and around chiru have always had a tough time staying away from the attraction of this portion of chiru’s anatomy. And along with ashu, chiru runs a photo finish as to who among the two has the better ‘bust’ in classJ

Chiru initially claimed to possess the best of databases of ‘p’-s.however much to roll 21’s displeasure all the cd-s furnished by chiru were so very virus-ridden that they refused to run at the very pinnacle of his arousalJin fact till this day, roll 21 will certify that while running one of chiru’s one such cd he could swear that his pc couldn’t access it and displayed the message “dirty cd”Jnow whether that pointed at the physical dirt accumulated on the cd or the moral dirt in roll 21’s mind is anybody’s guessJchiru is another example of having an exemplary engineer in his elder brother. He used to gather good textbooks and notes from his brother because of this fact. However one guesses chiru outdid his dada in one aspect –his bold proclamations regarding girls in his classJand that’s in the next paragraph.

In the first week of college itself chiru had professed that it was bread and butter for him to take roll 53 on a movie date. Till this day we are yet to see his plan bear fruit. Then again he was the culprit of passing roll 2’s phone number to help some particular damsel in distress in those initial days again. And the pinnacle came around 3rd year when chiru was positively smitten by roll 65.we came to know the depth of chiru’s attraction to her from the furtive glances that he made to her from time to time. But alas to very little effectL

Chiru is always a bit confused in whatever he does. But he always has this almost foolish endearing smile on his face. He is one of those guys who aren’t conventionally that spectacular in any particular way but still manages to be one of the integral parts of the class.


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