roll 16:Danish

Danish 6 ft 6 qamar.that is, was and always will be his best known identity in college and everywhere else that he goes. He is the tallest guy in kgec history by a long way. During the initial intro sessions he got bored by the perennial ‘what’s your height’ question thrown up at him. Since he is so very conspicuous because of his physique, let’s delve into this aspect of Danish before everything else.


dan & suku
dan & suku

He is tall and he is thin, some thin this guy is! I remember the first time that I saw his long fingers and his sinewy arms I was painfully reminded of the skeletal arm from the sci-fi film terminator-2-judgement day:)he once recounted his escapade in a gym back in his school days. He had been there to add some proportion to his breadth along with his length. And no matter how much the instructor urged him to, he was totally unwilling to take his shirt off in the gym, for obvious reasonsand Danish’s legs. He just can’t sit in a standard mini-bus. At times I have wondered whether three-fourth of Danish’s 6 ft 6 frame belongs to his legshis hair that took a turn for the wildest from 3rd year onwards has now started to give abhishek bachchan a run for his money, Ash better watch outall in all, his entire package reminds one of the ‘tal gach ek paye darie’ poem, that we had all read in school
Danish is the pride of cse.he used to be the strike bowler in nearly every match that he played in college, whether for his hostel or for his department. And this guy has a very clear thinking approach. By that I mean, just watch him make those killer moves on the chess board or play cards or solve puzzles like only he can. He is a proud resident of RBC.
Danish along with roll 4 is among the true blue bikers of our class, he loves driving a two-wheeler big time.alongwith amit and roll 32 he forms the trio in our class who are constantly hob-knobbing with the three beauties from north. But let me talk about the real issues out here, the ones pertaining to his heart
April 1, 2006.we had this grand plan where Danish was to declare his undying love to tanima, a certain gal from ECE who has been in the hit list of two other guys of our department (we will come to that shortly). The worst came to the fore on that day, tanima couldn’t take the joke in her stride and in the days that followed Danish and tanima couldn’t see eye to eye. Thankfully things have improved in the fag end of our college days and they are now back to more amicable termsbut the real owner of Danish’s heart is a certain ‘mehbooba’-her name I won’t take out here for obvious reasons. But all I will say is, this was veer zaara revisited.period.we were in second year when I scooped the news of Danish’s long time heartache out of his system. He just talked on and on for one full week, and the sight was seen to be believed! We kept on getting weekly, sometimes daily updates of the happenings of his ‘fast turning into a tragedy’ romantic episode. This was because she was almost getting married offand then it all happened. Danish became a part of the big blue; he approached her, made her rethink big time, and stalled the ensuing marriagethree cheers for our ‘danu’-if yet another of ashu’s shortened nicknames are to be taken seriously
Till this day he considers roll 2(along with many others actually) the biggest miser he has ever seenthis was principally because he had committed a blunder in 2nd year by giving me 5 bucks to be returned to the BCKV canteen as change, and well needless to say, they were put to good use by myself in the processno matter what happens, he is surely not going to forget the 5 bucks episode in the near future.
At the end of the day, Danish remains the ‘shaan’ of our class in a big ‘tall’ way. We love you


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