D gal in oz land
D gal in oz land

At the counter on the admissions day itself, I was eyeing the gals for obvious reasons, after all variety is always needed to add some spice to the four years ahead in the engineering yearshere was some gal whose name I didn’t quite register but remembered the Roy barman bit for sure. And along with a few other notable ones (), I made a mental note to make friends with this specimen for sure. Now it seems just so many ages ago, and let me assure you folks, not for any ordinary reason has this specimen found her way up as the first non-departmental folk to my list.
She initially got admitted in our department itself, and later on during the initial weeks itself got deflected to ece (till this day, she privately ruins the decision for proper ‘studious reasons’.)sata(that is how she is known more often to us)is also called handoo,the reason being that over the years she has given us multiple reasons to wonder about her belonging to the class of what we call ‘gals’. Let me explain why.
We are in the middle of a particularly raunchy conversation, and then suddenly we find sata interrupting at the end asking the most pertinent questions about the most sensitive portion of the conversation thereby indicating that she was intensely hanging onto every word that we were talking about. What makes us even more inclined to call her handoo instead of beautiful is the fact that she once privately confessed that she doesn’t find herself comfortable enough to engage in girly talks with her classmates
I remember during the very first days in college, sata was sitting mutely in her chair, totally out of place, she seemed to have been uprooted as some statuette from some museum and being placed in her seat in the cse class of kgec.the seniors came, ragged her and went away, she sat there almost motionless, and muttering a word or two. I can very vividly remember the very first conversation between the two of us, I was standing at the station, waiting for the return train, and there she was, our soon to be beloved handoo, standing in her usual got lost dreamy sort of way. our eyes met, and I simply couldn’t suppress a sheepish grin as I typically do I guess, and she too smiled back, and then said to my utter shock,” why are you always blushing?” I was like,”whoa! Whats that about?” and we have been nice back slapping pals since then, she was always the one whom we were most well, free about discussing matters we normally confined in our guy circles
In the beginning, she was unfortunately pursued by one of my old schoolmates who happend to be a snr to us.and those days were the worst of my interactions with her, as he asked me to enquire from sata about her likings and dislikings, and there was that awful incident in which I got myself sandwiched between himself and sata on one of the journeys back from college, and sata informing him via myself that she was engaged to a particular fiancée. And leaving me to console a grief stricken him in the process. well that wasn’t the end though, there was pal*** da too, and till this day, she will give you a heavenly smile every time his name crops up, and the yahoo chat that ananyo,roll 21 and myself had with her will be testimony to her romantic flings with others apart from,her devoted fiancéeI remember another incident in this regard,myself,my better half and sata were sitting at a place named anandapuri at barrackpore during the 3rd year, and there was sata,particularly lost in a romantic conversation with a guy over her cell. he was lovingly named(by her only) ‘baby’, they talked about having cozy bike rides and what not-leaving the two of us in utter shocked admiration for sata-and I wondered for the first time in my life-may be, just may be, she was a ‘she’ after all
Sata’s obsession with anything remotely hunkish is legendary. She was once secretly nicknamed UNIX, for ahem, improper reasons to say the least. The incident when ananyo roll 32 and others of our group pulled off a prank, by creating a mythical ‘broad shouldered rahul’ in 2nd year has reached near hall of fame status by now. In short, she was being lured to meet this hunk from jis (created by ananyo and co.) at the end of the day, and she came to college dressed in her best clothes and fully decked up and what not. and the look on her face when after half an hour of waiting at the ghoshpara station, she was informed by the encircling group of all of us that she was indeed worthy of being a mtv bakhra,was simply unforgettable, and man, did we miss a handy cam that day. mind you, she was seriously cross with us for the next few days and kept on sulking for an unusually long stretch of one and a half daysthat brings us to the most important facet of her character-she is the most sporting buddy you can hope to have, she will always take nearly everything in her stride, and move along as if nothing had happened.
She was almost always found to pick up an indirect war of words with tani, or rather tanima the other dp gal of our batch, and needless to say, we were awestruck spectators of those wonderful momentssata was really touchy about a certain orange dress that she wore during exams, and never changed it during exams, except when we were forced to admit that it was positively stinking worse than the best quality of hydrogen sulfide. Her voice on phone is a real enigma, as it shrilly pierces your eardrums and she makes her point. Her ouster from orkut, was an incident for which I hold myself partially responsible, a guy named santu was well, kinda temporarily virtually linked to her on my reference and what followed was the usual handooish conversation between the two, with the only unfortunate interruption from the sightings of each of the scraps of the two by Mr. Fiancée dev
Handoo’s brother is a real enigma, and we were filled with deepest of respect towards the hero in the making, for the simple reason being the frequent reports from sata about her bro playing suspicious cd-s at home, playing suspicious wrestling matches with himself and getting secret calls from cooing female classmates, all as early as in eighth standardsatarupa never falls short of enthusiasm and standing up to causes, I still remember on that fateful uniform related strike day, when 5 of us entered the princi’s room, she was the only one who kept on debating with the princi along with myself, the other 3 merely standing as spectators.
At the end of the day, she is one simple girl, in love with Dev and a brilliant friend to you. she loves the day of ashtami, for very “private” reasons, the detailed descriptions of which from herself left anupam, a certified toughened up raunchy professional himself, blushing profusely, and actually asking sata whether she actually meant and had done what she had just saidsata’s presence in the train compartment made sure that we were always on our toes to whisper anything that was remotely meaningful in our guy sort of way or risk getting heard by her
The most endearing image of handoo in my mind will be the day when she was the only one with me in train and she was giving, in an unusually dreamy sort of way, about the way she enjoyed the small incidents that she had with dev in her school-that made the decision amply clear to me-she still is a school girl at heart.
God bless you re…you are special in your unique handoo sort of way, and as for your very first question to me as to why do I alwaz blush, here is the answer, for the first time in my life, I found someone who is as much if not more, shameless as I’mjust kidding!


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