roll 17:DEBAshish das

“Deba”-that is how he came to be known to us since probably the first week in college. Here was a tall, lanky guy in first year, who had a likeable smile stuck on his face from the very beginning. all we knew about him in the first semester were that here was a huge fan of bangle rock, folk and all that, and he was madly pursuing a certain roll mad was he, that roll 53 came to be known as “deba’s gal” in those initial days, as is so often the norm in college. however things came to a tragic end when deba decided that enough was enough and something had to be done to see the end result.well,that was a very good initiative indeed, but what wasn’t too good was his choice of mr.nitai as the person who was going to utter the golden words to roll 53 on his behalf. as always, in those days, I was unintentional witness of THE moment just before the washrooms on the third floor of MSB outside our first year classes: there was deba standing shyly a few feet away and roll 53 with her back to him, with her usual head slanted to one side and listening to nitai who was just muttering something like,” will you marry, I mean fall in love with me, I mean, deba?”-Kind of thing in his usual stammering unsure sort of way. I couldn’t bear to watch the finale though as it was too unbearable to suppress a snigger and had to rush away from there hurriedly. however I was informed of the end result by deba himself, a bit later, who stomped away saying to me that,”ekhon tor rasta faka kore diechi!”-leaving me well, whatever…

Now that was really really a long way back, man how time flies by! Now deba is a contended soon to be hubby of a beauty from the ece department named suchandra. I have rarely seen a more hurriedly made couple. sometime in the second year, we suddenly were filled with rumors of deba having been proposed by suchandra or vice versa followed by a crest fallen mr.nayyar coming to us in a dejected mood(for obvious reasons again) and then satarupa running into our department one day shouting,”suchandra eshe geche,eshe geche” as if announcing the arrival of the bride-to-besince then they haven’t quite looked back and why would they, just wish them all the very best in life, and a lot more secret trips to kanchrapara shops to buy God knows whatso that’s deba’s story of his love life in short, but what of the other facets of his character, let’s delve a bit further.

I noticed a certain left-leaning attitude in deba way back in first year itself, and the whispered conversations that he and soumik had with me regarding the simplistic matter of CR elections-were funny to me to say the least. But that is exactly where folks like me fall short of the far-sightedness of the likes of deba.deba is an administrator par excellence. he has proved it time and again through his cool and calm man management during the fresher organization along with ankit as also during the exotica 2006,during which he was strained beyond imagination along with roll 33.also how deba actually handled all the nitty gritty in our department to interact with the faculty to schedule and reschedule classes, class tests and gather notes and what not was all done in real behind the scenes way-it was almost second nature to each of us to assume that deba will be doing all of that and much more, and honestly speaking, I was really ashamed most of the times to be also being called a “CR” alongside debajust single look at deba’s hostel room and his neatly stacked notes and books was always sure to give you a pang of jealousy at not being able to as organized as him

Post suchandra, deba’s semester grades took an upswing for good. needless to say, though he must have worked hard himself, here is a perfect instance of the niceties of falling in love for youthe tall lanky boy of first year has become a well behaved man with a protruding belly to the goodhe looks every inch a responsible hubby these days, and all I can say to sum deba up, is to quote the very words that deba had himself scribbled before his room in the APC hostel in first year:”poth geche benke!”


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