roll 18:’bhadra’ Debashish

Really quiet, really intelligent and once upon a time hopelessly in love with tanima, a gal from ece department-that is a succinct definition of debashish, better known as “bhadra” after his surname and to avoid confusion with me bhadra will be this really observant student whose prematurely ending tanima episode will provide most masala in this write up on him.

Early second year days-we were just getting acquainted with this really irritating, tiny newly laterally admitted gal named tanima who used to travel by train with us, when suddenly one fine day we couldn’t help but observe the normally quiet bhadra talk endlessly about his favorite pc games and his other likings and his dada like presence in the shyambazar area to tanimanow we were all basically rubbing our hands in glee to have caught a newly found ‘murga’ to spend quality time for the next few weeks. Little did I know that I was personally going to have a significant role to play in the next few weeks to help bhadra out of the days of his sweet ‘misery’! Soon after, one day after some kind of useless praciticals, as I had just cornered bhadra to rag him about the tanima episode, he suddenly says, that I’m the exact person he was looking forward to speak to. what followed was a speech cum plea from him in which I realized that he had regarded me as some kind of messiah in these miserable timesand then during the break on that very day,bhadra showed a thick set of pages that he had written about a certain love story between two people: the girl being dangerously named as ‘tani’.now as is so common to me, I tried honestly to help him out as far as possible, but couldn’t help to suppress my glee at the treasure of information that I was gathering myself for future usethe next few days passed with bhadra making frantic calls to me to decide the next piece of action, and asking me to decipher the smallest of things that his beloved ‘tani’ had told him in what he thought was the most meaningful of expressionsthen came the d-day. In which a certain roll 21 was the centre of attraction

Metro station. As promised to roll 21, tanima had appeared at the designated spot in time for the appointment, but to her shock, it was bhadra waiting there for them, and as pre planned bhadra and roll 21 tried to put up a show of accidentally meeting out there. However knowing roll 21 and bhadra very well, I can very well guess how miserably they must have failed to put the act together. one thing followed another-the result being that tanima stomped out of the scene leaving behind a, well, crestfallen bhadra with roll 21.bhadra took promptly to smoking and a bit of booze too in some major way alright.we offered him useless consolations and duly termed him ‘devdas’ for very valid reasons indeedthe most unfortunate fallout was that tanima and bhadra have never rarely been on talking terms since thenhowever one good outcome was that he became a lot more outspoken since then.

As for bhadra the student, I have only superlatives stored for him; the wondrous socket programming that he ended up doing in his final year project was for everyone to see. He was always an above average student in class. and till this day he prefers to do things the silent way.bhadra is a huge fan of rupam of fossils fame, and since the day that fossils set foot in kalyani,you would almost always find bhadra to sing niceties about rupam and his vocal artistrybhadra in short is a wild character lying deep dormant inside the extreme calm of his cool exterior-waiting for some spark to act as catalyst-we all wished that it was tani,but then man proposes…till this day,bhadra is a little circumspect of roll 21 for his renewed closeness with tani in the last few months in college, and if the rumors are believed to be true, there is every reason for bhadra to be upset too

He was one of the 4 to be recruited in HCL, and like anupam he had given every reason for us to worry that what will he end up doing during his working days with the only female recruit in HCL from our class-and if bhadra’s comments of his wishes of having a few initial practicals on their way is anything to go by, then there is every reason to be afraid of

Bhadra used to reside in roll 33’s hostel and later on shifted to RBC along with the usual gang that he hangs out with consisting of Arnab,Chiru and Subhankar. They were almost always found together in the college and in hostels.
All in all yet again another instance of a specially gifted individual of the class, an excellent what might be termed ‘algorithmic’ mind and a nice buddy to have with you for four years of your life.personally,I will say this much :bhadra,I found out most about you during those days when you trusted me and spoke your heart out and for that I must say I was honored to be brought into confidence by you-and I found out that how special and sensitive person you actually are. for a change, here is a real justification of a nickname given to someone-bhadra really is ‘bhadra’


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