roll 19:DHRUBOjyoti

I had a difficult time to recollect his original name while writing this as we have known him as ‘atta’ for as long as I can remember. He hails from bardhaman and he got into wipro during the campussing season making use of the fact that the lady interviewing him hailed from that self same place too. One look at atta will give you the irresistible urge to squeeze his cheeks. More if you happen to be of the opposite gender

Atta in the initial years used to be a real favorite among the ragging seniors-with his boyish ‘laltoo’ looks and the ever present smile on his face for good effect. he had an awesome collection of p*** pictures way back in first semester itself and I remember all of us enriching our collection with his generous help to us!atta was an awesome expert at playing cards, smoking and boozing till he was totally out of control. He was an expert at pulling people’s legs with the naughtiest of pranks, and in all these regards he was ably accompanied by avik, anay and Malay. They stayed together since the first day in APC hostel such that it was of no surprise when all of them made their way to VC hostel! Till this day, atta has an indelible VC stamp on himself, the usual near zero attendance and the masti of a totally different level. the level of atta’s participation in class can be gauged from the incident in which our erstwhile chemistry sir had come into the computer lab and finding atta before the gate asked him whether he is from the cse department which had to study chemistry that semester, and atta took a full minute to answer by asking around to various people whether we indeed had to study chemistry that semester, all this being in first year itselfthen there was that unforgettable comment of atta asking in graphics class, “sir, Milton sir-er name ki Milton?”

I got very useful input about atta’s exam hall performance from roll 21, and I am reliably informed that atta was the type who are gifted with the rare ability to come up with surprisingly perfect answers which prove to be manna from heaven for the others around him, roll 21 inclusiveatta was once romantically linked to roll 52-at least we believed so, for reasons that I can’t quite recollect as of now.atta is an awesome dancer when he is drunk and his steps assume legendary status during those moments

A short and sweet ode to a sweet little classmate of mine, you will always be synonymous with the ever present smile on your face


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