roll 20:Dibyendu

Hmm,we are now entering dangerous territory, let me tell you, I didn’t; start this blog to write orkut like testimonials to sing false songs of praise for all of my college mates, I just write what I feel and what I have felt about them all through this 4 years, and if that does incline towards being a little unpleasant towards the person being addressed, so be it.cos I’m one of those who believe stabbing at the back is even worse than telling a harsh truth at your face-I guess that’s what has been the tone in the previous posts, and this was a timely reminder for what I’m about to write about dibyendu.

There are some characters that you meet-who can be best described by one word-‘fishy’. From the very first day, dibyendu seemed that to me. Whether that be, his approach in the reading room, or his acts during lab-s, or during the exam hall, there was this overwhelming feeling of always having some suspicion about what he actually had in mind. And it is really sad for me, but the same has been reflected in the minds of others who have interacted with him at length. I don’t want to take names in this regard but his attitude towards certain individuals in lab-s was utterly disgusting to say the least-it is one thing to be irritating in a bhutu sort of way, quite another to not do anything at all and still be overtly arrogant to whoever is involved in the same assignment.

Cricket match season-the story was all too familiar to all of us-here was a guy who looked every inch a good batsman, but unfortunately too self concerned most of the timesthis fellow is really athletic and I remember him playing some of the most delicate shots among all of the folks in college.

More often than not, every time one entered the reading room, one was most likely to bump into him roaming around the place, searching around in the shelves with intense concentration, pricking his chin and a bit later sitting down with a really thick book and getting immersed into it for quite some time-I wondered at times what lot did he read, for it seemed impossible to me that one could make so much of reference studies! I will supply one piece of anecdote that I was personally witness to during the last sem.there we were, doing some last minute revision, when dibyendu points to some particular notes and asks ashu in his usual ‘earnest manner’,”ashu,jaldi se bol de na,kya ye topics sab important hain?”,I was pleasantly surprised to find such intensity in him even during the last few minutes of the exam and that too during the last semester when the rest of us were too keen to study as little as possible and get through with the exam as soon as possible.alas,the world is too cruel for our innocent fantasies! barely a second had passed that ashu had replied to him, that dibyendu had torn off those very pages and pocketed them with the ‘earnest’ relief all over him saying,”jak choth ta peye bhorsha lagche.”

His project activities or rather the lack of it were chronicled minutely by roll 58 as she lamented the fact that dibyendu and roll 31 got ‘E’-s while she being the GATE topper (that’s my addition) received an ‘A’ for all the troubles that she took during 7th semesterI remember one particular incident when he took one of my copies for notes recovery and then conveniently forgot to return it although we met several times then after. I was a bit irritated and had to ask it back and he returned it as if, it was my task to do it on his behalf. I was later told by others that I wasn’t the only one at the receiving end of such dibyendu acts.

At the end of it all, I wish I didn’t have to write such a thing about any of my classmates let alone dibyendu.however it is a distinct possibility,I hope it’s the truth, that I didn’t have the capacity to find out who the real nice dibyendu is. All the best mate, for whatever you do in life, may God bless you!


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