The last few steps on the watch tower at kovalam-you nearly curse yourself for having got this far and almost wonder whether the five rupees that you paid for the entry fees was worth the trouble(our company isn’t one of the biggest of salary payers anywaysJ)..And then the moment arrives. You climb up the last stair step and then- whoa!

The sudden gush of the sea breeze hits you squarely on the face. The scene ahead is too bewildering to digest in one go…


Miles upon miles of greenish blue seas as far as your eyes can carry you. Rocky cliffs on one side, the arching coastline teeming with thousands of people who seem to belong to a different world than yours. A wondrous mosque in the distance. The boats seemingly lost at random on the seas. This is just too much of a picture to take in at one go. and add to that the fact that you are not alone in your enjoyment of this wondrous moment-there are your bum chums-your brothers-in-arms, your chaddi years of 4 years, and then all of you almost involuntarily break out into the most heart felt chorus of ‘yaaron dosti bari haseen hain..”.You realize friendship like never before. You realize a never before felt happiness inside. You realize why kerala is called ‘God’s own country’. And you realize how lucky you are for having come for your tcs ilp at Trivandrum.


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