NOMAD: Srikrishna Nayak

I saw him earlier. When he was in that other batch…and I noticed him for the first time when he stepped into our classroom on that batch swapping was Mr. Sri Krishna Nayak..better known as Krishna, to some..nd nomad to himself.he likes to call himself such,and deep inside,I too do believe that it’s the closest one can get to the perfect nickname.lemme make an unsuccessful attempt to xplain exactly why..


Krishna that day chose to sit beside me in class,or rather was it me asking to sit there..dunno..but it so happened that 2 pardners had met that day..they didn’t realize,wonder if they still have,just how incredible their synergy is..but something connected from that very instant.a common dislike for the rules(which in any case was there in all of us batchmates,but in this case this was all the more pronounced),a common artistic bent  of mind,a common love for literature and a good ear for music,and the love for anything that remotely sounded like fun or quizzing!

It wasn’t one of those “two buddies from the very 1st instant” stories..far from it..i remember my disastrous attempts to extract info about one of his college mates who had,well kinda caught my eyes during ILP to say the least,..with Krishna simply telling me,tu galat banda ko poonch raha hain re,tu priyank ya sunil se poonch..

Two incidents come back sharply in mind’s focus,I remember the shirt swapping incident in one of the classes.he had come to office one day with blue stains all over his shirt,saying ye kamwali bai ne pyar se kar diya..then a brainwave,how abt changing the shirt 4 the rest of d day?300 seconds and a trip to the nearest washroom later,we were there,with grins as wide as the English channel,and more importantly the feeling of satisfaction inside of having done something that made us happy and gave us something that we didn’t understand then..neither do we now..

That same day.sometime later,it was announced that Krishna had come into our lab group-hmm,that meant the first person whom I had wanted in the group for an entirely different set of reasons was in another group,but little did it matter…for I didn’t quite understand why was I so happy to have this guy who had nearly just shaved his head off in my group..a huge tight jhappi later,we were onto our first group task,and arguably that was the last,for I sincerely believe whatever we did,or rather did subsequently in the following days,didn’t qualify in the remotest way as a group task.however, that desert survival task that day told me a few things about the newest member in my close-to-heart was someone the like of whom I had never ever come across,and I can gurandamntee,neither will in the years too.

He analysed the tasks in a unique way that only he can.and as luck wud hav it,that day I was given the task to observe the action and behavior pattern of my team mates..all the more opportunity 4 me to learn abt Krishna-the phenomenon.i found out that he has this amazing amiable,calm overpowering power in him that he simply doesn’t wana make use of,and still the ones around him feel so deeply.i felt so proud in a strange way,to be associated with him,as a friend?i didn’t know then,and neither do I wana know..but again some relationships needn’t be defined..that’s exactly why,on being asked to define his activities I was at quite a loss,and said something like awefully awesome creativityJI think that’s an apt description of nomad alright..and oh,by the way ours was the best group that dayJ

Now comes the project part..for heaven’s sake,I am not going to write about the implementation of the project for sure.but I remember the first few days..he simply didn’t  take any interest in the project activities,apart from trying to get his java basics right alongwith pardner..he sat separately..tried to inspire/convince pardner to do the same,nd when he found pardner was upto no good..decided to semi let go his own effort and also have his own attempt at the project single handedly..those were the days..

Krishna kept on trying to convince the 3 other “techies” that his solution was a good shot..and at times trying to rectify the errors in the ctrl c ctrl v job of the other 3 techiesJwe simply didn’t see any hope at the end of the road for krishna’s ‘too simplistic’ solution.on the other hand,it seemed a seemingly complicated decorated,but in reality a crappy and useless no-result as we would realize later, solution was all the more attractive to us.the truth didn’t dawn on us till 3 days before submission deadline that our attempt was doomed..and then he said those words:ghabrao mat,main kisika extension nehi hone dunga..

Till this day,he swears that he didn’t work harder till he saw my gloomy,frightened look that evening on thinking that I might have to undergo a glorious PIP.and I will never ever forget the only swear word that he has ever used against me by taking my parents name..following the fierce look on his face on finding out that I had,once again,clumsily made a mistake in trying to do a deployment of his that split second his behavior told me a thousand things-that how fierce a friend he is,and what won’t he do to not let his close ones down.he came down alone during the weekend 2 office..and even as we were happiest to see the program that he had put up all by himself to get the  project up nd running,he wasn’t satisfied,the kamina had even taken care to put the subtlest of validations in the project..and he left the presentation part to his pardner…hoping I am sure..that at least itna toh kar hi lega:D

Now lemme mention why I am not taking the names of the other 2 members in our group,this piece concerns two pardners,period.

Okay, d-day arriveth.mademoiselle sapna cometh..grp 7 jumping with joy to show off the cute project that ‘they’(now that’s called multiplicity) had put up..and then…MAGIC!      

The very same project that had run so wonderfully..simply refused to run!that can be the only explanation for the non techie in me..and I will never ever forget the look on krishna’s face..his toil,to put it mildly to save our a**es,all going haywire cos of some bugger glitch..nd sapna,the quintessential nitpicker-cum-*******(give rein to ur violent imagination)-finding it irresistible to not find faults with the design..with the code..with the coding practice..and other things that this non techie doesn’t know about.

He bit his lip trying not to interrupt the tirade of hers,just to let us go unharmed..and that was it…as I look back,I wonder,wud it hav made any difference if sapna had given us star marks and lauded us profusely?did he care?wud he ever hav cared?if I don’t have THIS answer,then one thing is for sure-moa not his pardnerJ

Tee shirt time-he coined those now famous lines…48…and once again depicted his aesthetic thoughtful bent of mind. there is something deeply melancholic about the ways of this homosapien species-i dunno why am i writing this last line,but something justr forces me to-something about the nature of the person.

Lemme just jumble this up a bit..and bring a few more old memories back,anagrams..departed title wanting to hit that southie faculty who refused to give us permission to conduct the quiz at peepul park-sutta..your buying the head first for each of us,exchanging your phone with oh-no-no or dupli as u wud like to call him..doc..the way she taught u to be tough after she had flunked  the stream test..hmm…enugh,da?

Last day at tvm-he comes down in the aruvi bus,holds me and ananyo on either side of him to deepen the sorrow,meets us in our room,helps me pack,rather packs it entirely by himself,inspite of the fact that his own train is at least 4 hours earlier than our flight.then repeats that he has finished packing-and that it wont harm if he had dinner with us..only to let us know during that last ‘bye’ that he hadn’t packed a thingy..that’s nomad for you,ain’t it?

As for that dinner together..i have never ever found food so difficult to was just incredible..the weight building up inside..and the sight of him getting up in that auto..he hates it I know,when I write these kinda lines..cos as much as he loves to drive these nostalgic unforgettable moments away,the closer I sweep them back into remembrance..i can’t help it pardner,this rewind button does make me happyJ

And then he calls back,5 mnts later..15 mnts later..40 mnts..4m inside the train..relieving us of the tension that he indeed is going bak home…home?did I say?the story had just begun buddies..

Chennai-new plans for a joint startup..with me as the owner..or the marketer,he won’t mind either..the reasons for the first being,he believes I am one of the few ppl he wud like to work for,not with(I prefer the latter,any day)..the second cos he believes I am actually good at something..saboon bechna kindaJ..i read his blog..and his analysis of his mates..and it made me wish if I cud ever write like him.he was really lonely in kochi,I cud make that out,for he had actually ‘watched’ sawaariyaJand did he hate it every time I wanted to tell him to put the phone down after he had called me for the last…whateva hours..

pardner comes 2 kolkata-krishna changeth..less sutta..more control over finances(he claims so)..which leads to his spending on his latest crush..his miniature version of God,”Avenger 200”-the 2 wheeler he so loves.nearly(umm..that’s a high estimation) going near bankrupt in the process,but fully getting happy,he now rides it to only he can..

I normally DO NOT spare any weak/soft aspect of any of the persons that I write about in my blog,but this particular aspect of this nomadic homo sapien does call for special treatment-this guy is deeply in love..yes buddies,that’s why he is so wonderful a being-for here is someone who I truly believe does justice to his feelings for that special someone..and as for who exactly is that special someone,as they say,no further questions-I rest my case.period.


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