Proud 2 b a JARC!

let’s get a bit personal here.

The feeling is yet to sink in:i got through to ALCOM,or rather i’m now officially a JARC(no other connotation,it stands for junior alumni relationship committee). the motley batch is an eclectic mix of lazy bums with some eccentricity or the does feel even better to have found two other fellow calcutta bumchums,viz. mrinal and mr.arjun BUTTra,err.. batra,in the same committee.that reminds me,the fellow calcuttans had a full blown liquor bonanza(gentleman version of daru party) at our expenses yesterday nite.

as also,last week i also had the first ever quiz for me at IMT,and what a wonderful debut it was,managed to win the contest with an awesome pardner in karanjot of marketing batch B3-pocketing a cool chillar of 190 bucks each-not bad for a regular weekly quiz event!

it’s been a whirlwind in more ways than one over the past 3 weeks.the earlier post might have been indication enough,but throw in IPL marketing strategy contests and mark-roadie events,and write ups in addition to the ever increasing burden of class notes,assignments,quizzes-and there you’ve it,the perfect concoction 2 squeeze every bit of your sleep away for good.

so what?one might say,this is the regular B-School grind.yep,yep i agree.but the overriding realisation is the fact that you are going to experience this two years only once in your life-that just gives you the extra push to scamper along-that extra mileage to participate in that one more event,to dot that i and cross that t more carefully in the assignment,to not miss out any chance to pull the leg of a batchmate,to aim perfectly bang in the centre while giving your CR birthday bums at midnight in the amphitheatre…to..


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