Independant Weekend

India Poised-2008
India Poised-2008

They say India is poised to take on the world-in more ways than one.I believe it needs to take on the enemy within first,and the picture above,taken during the PM’s I-Day speech at the Red Fort epitomises my feelings.

Rarely would we be tempted to look at Dark knights and webby heroes if all our army men were given gears like this-and they say the entire purpose of having SPG-s like the one shown in the pic above was to engage the terrorists,in case of an attack,for quite some time.Cute,eh?

We cannot possibly run away from this reality-being on our toes when all hell is on the verge of breaking loose in this country is an every day mantra.This is a survival instinct one needs to nurture to see the day come to a fruitful closure.

What exactly prompted me to portray such a gloomy,fearful picture of the nation on the I-day?i guess the forlorn campus,with nearly all the students gone back home,played its part.also the typeracer application that i just activated in my orkut account has given me the extra impetus to type that much more and speak that much less.may be,as always,this was another cute attempt to gyan giving and also may be cos i wanted to write this.period.

Some wise man once said,that at the end of the day,one should try and analyse what did he do make himself better off than the previuos day.easy enough?tougher to implement-like most words of wise men actually.let me analyse my day.

I shaved.that left me better looking(hopefully) than yesterday.

I wore a rakhi(didi posted it 4m cal)-that made me feel a better bro. than yesterday.weird!

I played Typeracer on orkut.I am certifed to have a writing speed of 50 WPM as of now,which puts me in second position in my orkut friend list.some achievement that!i didn’t know yesterday i was going to be second in something such.That definitely does make me feel better.

I came across this picture-i wrote this piece-it leaves me feeling honest nd lighter inside.

hmm..sometimes,not always,wise men do speak sense.

i rest my case.for today,that is.


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