Dummies’ guide to win Online Quizzes

1.Sit in teams,not just your own team of 2-but with as many teams as you can gather.
2.Give a clever sounding name to your team-it might border on the lines of queer,cute,to some pretty loaded ones.OR give a name which makes you appear to others as if you couldn’t care less for the name.
3.Each one should have his own laptop in front.
4.Flex your index fingers and thumbs,they are going to be exercised vigorously over the next 30 minutes or so.
5.Keep 2 windows constantly open-one for Google and the other with the images search option of oogle.
6.Log in for the quiz in time.(:D)
7.For text questions copy the entire text and place in the Google search field.If you do not find satisfactory search responses,proceed to step 8,else go to step 9.
8.Pick up some key words from the question:mostly proper nouns,or quotes,and place only that in the search box.This should almost certainly do the trick.
9.For image (the quiz setter’s failed attempt to set a non-google-able one) questions,before proceeding to search,never forget to place the cursor over the image.Chances are pretty high that the quiz setter forgot to change the name of the file-thereby giving you a dolly.
10.In case the cursor trick doesn’t work for the image,try to identify some text/numeral in the image,and type that in the image search option of google.Most often,this is likely to give you the clues to the right answer.
11.Submit your answers all at the same time.Click at the same instant.
12.Remember to share the revenue,any if earned,with the teammates that you sat with.You lose some,you win all.
Happy Goog..err..quizzing.

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