Why Babumoshai? Why Dada?

Strange parallel this.

A company which sells fans and an insurance firm which aims to be different from other players in its category.
Both the brands are known for coming up with disruptive TVCs. Case in point, the ‘Let’s Uncomplicate’ launch campaign for Apollo Munich Life Insurance and the  Havells fansShock Laga series or the Answersheet (old  Teacher and spooky school kids) commercials.

Summer of 2012. Both these brands decide to rope in two ageing heroes to endorse their products- oh yes Bongs,let’s face it-our Dada will be 40 this July.

First-Havells and the Fans Forever campaign with Rajesh Babumoshai Khanna.

Rajesh Khanna will remain one of the legends of Bollywood-he made a comeback of sorts when he turned up at an awards function recently after a long ailment. He was expected to return to the big screen soon after-but a commercial like this? That was the eureka moment for R Balki and the team at Havells. They knew they had a killing imagery to make us sit up and take notice.
The only point that pains one deep down is the belittling of this legend. Did he himself not realize  the snigger everyone would have had at his expense? That he no longer had any real fan following for himself- that he had to resort to table fans (!) to give him company?

On to Apollo Munich and the Ganguly-the movie campaign.

It’s been almost five days since the teaser trailer was released across all Social Media platforms.It’s shocking to find so many people supposing it to be an actual movie! Must laud the agency for doing a stellar job at making the ‘AMLI productions’ font and the logo size as small as possible in the video. But now back to the story.
Each and every true blood Dada fan was found searching for a place to hide themselves after viewing the 4 minute video.What on earth was Dada thinking during the filming of the scenes?The camera focuses on his eyes, then zooms out- Dada is seen talking to a reporter/random person while sipping,hold your breath,plain water from a glass.
Ah yes, even the last remaining shard of the already cracked mirror just shattered collectively for all Dada fans. And the dialogues?  “Iss liye log mujhe baap nahin dada bolte hain”.Period. Even the decade old Hero Honda ‘dance’ feat with Hritik pales in comparison.

One cannot fathom why these erstwhile icons said yes to these scripts. Did they really need the money? Did the brands do such a stellar job of hoodwinking them to sign the dotted lines? Why is it so difficult for these icons to gracefully call it a day-off the field in these cases?
As for us, the hapless fans, we continue to be on the hunt for a place to hide our faces.


5 thoughts on “Why Babumoshai? Why Dada?

  1. Well written.I don’t care about Rajesh Khanna (he stopped acting before I started watching movie seriously….also didn’t like his any movie either), but what did Dada do? I am a huge fan of him not because we both hail from the same state, but they way he transformed the Team India and handled Aussies. But I am not a blind fan. I didn’t like the way he handled all the IPL incidents so far. But that’s ok, sometime it happens. He is a human being too. But what is this? Any fan with logical mind and brain will feel let-down by this kind of acts. Call it a day with grace and you’ll remain my hero forever.

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