I thought I was a marketer. Till I met..

I thought I was a marketer. Till I met..

Till I met the kirana store wala who told me I could improve the packaging of my product so much more. That I could give so much more margin than my competition- that I could do everything else apart from taking his place in the store and selling the product to his customer 🙂

Till I met the Sales Officer who advised me to design better Point of Sale material- use better adhesives. Give more Sales Incentives- design better commercials. To get a better celebrity. 🙂

Till I met the Media person who advised exactly how big and where my logo should go in the TVC, or what the right duration of my commercial should be. Or why my chosen colour combination is not the right contrast for my product’s Print advertisement. Or why the BTL activity ‘basically’ could not give enough ‘mileage’ than my TVC- of course I dared not ask how to define ‘mileage’ or the all important ‘basically’ 🙂

Till I met the Supply Chain guy who told me to time my launches to better suit the seasons. Of course I dared not ask him about the machine readiness-which could ensure an ‘immature’ launch of the product much before the season. 🙂

Till I met the Social Media Guru who ran those Social Media success stories on Youtube to teach me about the ‘evolving media platform’. Of course I dared not point out the FMCG companies-who were conspicuous by their absence in the list of these Social Media success stories. 🙂

Till I met the chaiwala in the office- who made you fall off your chair when he advised you to have a better key line drawing for your sachet design. You then realise- he has been in the company for 12 years-and you a little more than a year- of course work experience counts stupid. 🙂

Marketing. You think you will learn most of it when you step into the hallowed halls of your B School with those dreamy eyes. Ah well.


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