10 things one must do on social media to ‘belong’ :

John Doe@Social1. Review a film/book/ eaterie / Television commercial. You got it.A review.

2. Link lists of books read/films seen/pics taken on instagram, pinterest, goodreads etc. Strut.< IT folks don’t get excited>

3. Comment on other posts in threads to provoke. Troll.

4. Share your career progression in flashback mode.Share updates on completing schools,graduating-as if everyone on your list waited with bated breath to know that when you are 35/40.Timeline.

5. Use convoluted hashtags as a summary to your 30 line status.Well.#Hashtags.

6. Ask everyone not to share images of sorry looking pets,old people,poor kids, deities. Those images.

7. Share breaking news at a speed which will put Reuters to shame.Breaking News.

8. Crowdsource options to buy the latest gadget. And to subtly show you can afford one. Crowdsource /Strut 

9. Follow/subscribe to pages/people which make you appear well informed.Follow.

10. Share blog posts on your facebook wall/twitter handle. Guilty as charged.


3 thoughts on “10 things one must do on social media to ‘belong’ :

  1. What about a post that explains x reasons/ways of doing something? 10 ways to skin your pet cat, 13 reasons why you shouldn’t buy extra virgin coconut oil…

  2. And ‘ Photography’ watermarks, and black and white photos, and ‘pliss like to help’ posts, and inviting father and mother of that kid who sat on last bench in 3rd grade to play criminal case with you, and…

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