Eat.Click.Run. Repeat.

Yes I am sure you have seen them. The one in your group who ‘loves cooking’. Or baking. Or if she/he is a more recent phenomenon – has taken a step beyond and started ‘reviewing’ eateries. They have the full range – from risotto to sheddho bhaat to dal chawal – covered. And boy are they active on instagram. The food can wait – the Ludwig,Juno and Aden filters on instagram and the accompaying hashtags #Review #Yummy #Blend #Masterchef #foodie – cannot.

I love these folks- for the simple reason that they are the most unbiased walking real life foodpandas you can meet. Just remind them a bit about the immense knowledge they have about food, and then slip in your query- voila. Watch them put the Siris of the world to shame as they start their hour long monologue to give you multiple options on where you should go out to eat tonight. And not to miss out on clicking a picture of the ambience and the food. And then eat. If time permits.

Clicking a picture. Right. Reminds me of the second set you are most likely to meet these days –  the ones with the perennial squint in one eye, because the other one is behind the most abused abbreviation of the young Indian online consumer in the last 5 years – the D.S.L.R.

I must share this story of one such DSLR-ed friend of mine. Happened with him during the recently concluded Durga Puja in Calcutta. He was in his usual annual ‘kumortuli walk’ clicking away to glory the images of the work in progress idols. When the potter who was busy giving finishing touches to the idol, uttered “baa dik die tulun, light ta better ashbe- joy baba felunath shot ta bhalo ashbe, dosh-ponero minute aage ekjon ekhuni nie gyalo“-( take it from the left, the light shall be better, you shall get the Joy Baba Felunath shot which you are looking for,  someone else just took the same shot 10-15 minutes back). This without turning around even once from finishing his brush strokes.

Ray giving finishing touches for the original shot from the movie

Needless to say, my friend has still kept at his obsession. One remark from that smart ass potter wasn’t going to deter him or junk his Dee Es El Aar. From purani Dilli’s bylanes to Hyderabad’s eateries to the poor kids in Dharavi – all conspire to provide the unsuspecting subject and inanimate object which make up the world for him. With the lens strapped around their neck, his tribe is on the run, and it’s clear there is no stopping him or his ilk.

On the run-which brings me to the last tribe. You know that Sunday morning feeling which is becoming far too routine these days. You have just burped your happiness after a satisfying Sunday breakfast , and that’s when your social media timeline pings some 10 notifications.

Selfies of sweat soaked faces at the finish line of a 5k/7.5k/10k/21k and other varying versions of a marathon which they have just completed. The look of satisfaction, of achievement written on their faces. Months of preparation, of shared fitness regimes and goals on the fitbits and Fuels, of that nutritious diet inching themselves closer to the target mark- coming true. It feels good, that there is this new rage, of getting fiery fit. And you really wish that the tribe gets bigger by the day, and then may be, may be you join it yourself some day.

But then it’s a Sunday. And you type away. Write about these 3 tribes. And repeat the procrastination.


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