In short

this started off as my humble attempt to try and write about my undergrad college moved on haphazardly.incomplete posts on batchmates at college and at workplace and even one on my view on the sports greatest rivalry.

having entered arguably the most critical phase of my life so far,the choice as to where 2 go 4m here is quite simple-the place that i’m in now-IMT Ghaziabad to be exact,has so much on its palate,that i am running short of words to pen them down.

so here goes a humble attempt at doing the they say here..IMT Aao…


4 thoughts on “In short

  1. Quite a words’mead’!
    Like your style.
    Great choice of words… its all jumbled up there of course… or is it? Only one voice… Derrida rules!
    Hate your punctuations…. the infernal grammar teacher is still a happening entity in my life!
    Hutom Pechar Noksha…
    Eat space
    This tremendium-hysterium way…
    And paint your rainbows…. within and without!
    Amen… a man… no man… man … an ….n… n it should go on!

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