The Note got me thinking. Its tip which peeks like an iceberg from my shirt pocket and prolongs the stares from passersby- brought me back to the days when the insanely heavy Nokia 3315 hung like a stone in the same pocket about a decade back.


Following is a brief history of Time- as marked by all the phones which have been in possession of yours truly- from the game of Snakes to the Stylus and the S Note- it has been a study no less than Darwin’s 😉

Nokia 3315

The 1st ever.  The most well deserved- and surely the one I was most possessive about.  The year was 2004. Still remember how tightly I was clutching the 3350 bucks to the shop to buy the Silver 3315. I was possibly the 4th person in my Engineering batch to possess a phone in those days- how times change!

So true was that viralling pic on Facebook- the only place these early models of Nokia could be destroyed was the volcano in Tolkien’s Middle Earth.

What’s In It For Me: If you want to improve your typing speed and accuracy on a phone, this IS THE phone.  No iPhone, no Galaxy no Sony can help you with this. Even with all the letters having vanished from the keypad, boy was it fast! And the sheer joy of breaking one record after another of playing ‘Snakes’ on it!

Sadly Nokia has stopped its production now.

Nokia 2301

Year was 2007. The impulse buy. Peer Pressure got the better of me- the Silver 3315 had faded almost entirely to become an ‘All- White’. With the first few bucks from the 1st salary ever- bought the phone in Trivandrum, where the induction of TCS was on.

What’s In It For Me: Nothing. Don’t buy-ever.

Reliance-LG CDMA

The Reliance CDMA phone purchased only for the unlimited Reliance to Reliance STD scheme. Any guy/girl who has had a long distance relationship in India-will realise what I mean. Was difficult carrying this along with the Nokia phone too.  And that horrible tone which the ADAG group so loves.

What’s In It For Me:  LoL

Nokia N85:

Got this as a prize at a quiz in Ahmadabad in 2009. Initially it kinda converted me to a Nokia loyalist for life. The Carl Xeiss Camera-like in most Nokia phones was exploited to its best- so was the music player, and the storage space- a monstrous 16 GB. The gaming experience was good too, it had a front camera- remember making a few video calls during those initial free 3g months.  But did the phone hang! The more I used it, and the more I learned of the BBs and the magic of Android, the further it made me move away from Nokia and all things Symbian. No wonder how the fortunes of the Finnish company have changed over the years.

What’s In It For Me: Quite a lot. Unfortunately, Nokia has stopped its production.

Samsung Galaxy Note:

The most researched buying decision I have ever made.
Consulted self proclaimed cell gadget guru-s- surfed each unboxing video, each online review video and relevant blog post on the net. Contacted users abroad before buying ‘The Phone’. Oh yes, it does live upto its tagline: ‘It’s All That You Need’. It’s not a regular phone- quite cumbersome to hold this near your ear for long. But then-you lose some, you win all. Currently it is the best smartphone in the planet.

What’s In It For Me:  If you have the Note, you won’t need a tablet-ever.