The next series of posts will be about the wondrous 2 months spent at God’s Own Country.


Possibly some of the best times of the lives of the forty of us.It happens to every TCS-er who is lucky enough to be trained in his/her Initial Learning Programme at Trivandrum-they feel they are the luckiest folks on earth.How else do you define their pure bliss felt inside inspite of the low wages,and the immense workload that they have to bear with?

Yours truly was no exception.And the 39 others with whom he was lucky to share those 3 months will be put to test in here.Some of them have been featured in this blog in the main blogroll-but in here most of them will be talked about with respect to their exploits in the period between 13th August 2007 and 16th October 2007.Also some of the memorable incidents/reflections/trips that are worth a trip down memory lane.

So here it goes-the unbeatable T-55 being featured-frame by frame.

Happy reading!


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