Anki Baby

Even more than a year after I met this girl,her voice still rings in my ears.To put it simply,she was the nightingale of  T55,of the holy land of Aruvi and room no.302.Boy was it a treat for us 3 in room no.301(Dwai,Vivek and myself) to listen to the dulcet note of her voice even deep in the night.And it was a common request of most of us,”oye Ankita..plz woh masoom wala gana suna de na?” or “the les ketchup wala?” or “the khamoshi wala?”…the list was endless.

Numerous requests made to her to participate in Indian Idol has bore no fruit as she is adamant not to take part in these ’inane’ contests.O.K.,participation in contests apart,she was our pride,in more ways than one-and why exactly is she the first post in this new page in my blog’s life will become clear in the course of this piece.

Ankita-wasn’t just a good singer,she was an aunty,no,an agony aunt per excellence.Ask any of the other T55-er who was in some emotional trouble or the other,she was the one to refer to in times of mental distress.And did i mention her skills in oration and foot tapping dance steps?Alongwith the pretty Poonam,she was the cynosure of all eyes during our numerous bus trips all over kerala/TN duriing those two months.How exactly did those two manage to synchronise their dance moves of ‘paisa feko,tamasha dekho’(we didn’t waste a single of our hard earned paltry TCS salary,mind you,no matter how god they swerved),in the midst of the crowded buses moving at top speed-only they can answer.We didn’t mind much though-just whistled and clapped our way to glory around those 2.

She spoke really well-especially her wonderful description of the book review whereby she talked about ‘Maaaaaa…  ‘ by Shobha De,will remain etched in memory for a long time.We kept pulling her dainty legs all through the ILP after that ‘Maaa…’ episode!

Her favourite hangouts were the Aruvi staircases,Archana’s with its range of veggie delights  and the long walks around the Pattom locality alongwith Ankit Sengupta.Hmm..that brings us to a serious issue-Ankit.To put matters in perspective,they were the hottest ‘couple’(now you nitwit,narrow-minded folks,broaden your mental horizons-and try to accept the truth of the loneliness of the two bereft from their respective ’soulmates’ back home) in the batch.Be it the Dark Aruvi staircases,the serpentine passages in the Pattom locality,or the pristine beauty of the beaches at Kovalam-these two were seen together-all the time,all the way-and did they look sweet..i wondered…if too…well,that story comes a bit later.

Now to put a few matters clean in public,both my dear room mates during those two months,Dwai and Vivek, fell hook,line and sinker for the affection of Anki Baby.Vivek went first,in the very first week itself,with his usual charming ways-little did we guess the tragic turn of events from thereon.When Vivek failed in his attempt-it was the turn of my other room mate,but as always,as supported by his usual frustoo(for more details read: ways,he failed sweetly in his attempts to wee the nightingale.Till this day,any single mention of Anki Baby’s name in front of frustoo will enhance the special dreamy look in his eyes.

It seems so natural that I’m beginning the series of posts with Ankita’s post,she was the character who added the most colour to those special two months that we spent in Tvm.Miss you re..God bless,and please,have a change of mind,and participate in that elusive musical reality show-sometime in future.


2 thoughts on “Anki Baby

  1. Being late to enter the beehive- and being the odd kid who stayed out- Me has missed a lot you described with such an effervescent effect, pardner. But I aint regretting that; if anything, I must say I’ve been lucky enough to come across a bunch of people who were so different, but had more similarities than many siblings. Hats off, T55. Truly miss you.

    PS: keep the posts coming- dont let this series die like your college diaries!
    PS2: I wont let that happen 😛

  2. anki was a funny grl, she had grt sense of humor,something i always felt. thats why nt a single moment wid her was boring for me.
    ankita had a lil bit of bengalki connection and i loved her for that.
    ankita if u r readin this u r grt, stay the same and god bless u!
    god bless u too alekhya, for this blog . pls pls pls write abt anono and ritu. cant wait for their character assessment!

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