BCR. Pre Yank Kool Karni a.k.a. BEAN


bean1I used to believe that i had a pretty elastic face in terms of coming close to Jim Carrey with my facial expressions-till I met this creature.He was one of the lucky 5 who got tranferred from T56 to our batch after the first month at ILP.He used to be pretty popular in his previous batch as a most affable Class Representative-but the world came crashing down before this CR when he landed in the holy land of T55.

Ananyo and myself had a continuous cold war with him regarding which batch was going to get the employee id card first-t55 or t56.Ananyo resorted to the lewdest of abuses to give to Priyank during those days-and needless to say,i wasn’t too far behind.

Imagine then the double predicament of Priyank when he joined t55 under these circumstances-first,the proud CR of t56 was constantly faced with the taunts of BCR ( Bachcha CR ) ‘cos there was a real hunk named Rituparn(to be featured sometime later) as the CR of t55 already.Also,he doubled up as ‘mr.Bean’ ‘cos of his uncanny resemblance to Rowan Atkinson of Dr.Bean fame.

This guy was a real taskmaster-when he worked hard at his projects,you could hardly disturb his concentration.Alongwith ‘Dumb’ Sunil, Bean(Priyank he rarely was for us) was a treasurehouse for praloy and myself for learning Kannada abuses and swear words.In exchange they learned some basics of Royal Bengal Swear words from us. Bean was a really shy guy,and it was seriosly funny to find him teaching us abuses sheepishly looking back time and again to check whether Sitara(another t56 recruit) was prying upon us.I sincerely thank them,especially Bean for my present ability to shock the Kannada folks on my campus with my choicest Kannada abuses 🙂bean2

Bean was a true wannabe ladies-man.I still remember his secret analysis of well,some of his collegemates whom he had harboured hopes of romancing in college(and who had painfully made way to the same batch in ILP now-well then folks,your guess is as good as mine as to who this secret Bean target was..)As is mostly the case with many,Bean chose the last guy one needs to confide into for this kinda confidential information-me.

Bean was a resident in Lal,which housed most of the t56 guyz,and all of them were unanimous in their abusing of the hostel.He used to wonder aloud about my technological shortcomings.The best memory regarding this was-when Ananyo and I wore the Microsoft Imagine Cup t shirt(one of those quiz t shirts) one day in Aruvi-and conjured the tale of us making it to the national finals of the competition-Bean,the perennial innocent one that he is,lapped up our story and asked me in wonder-“so what made you forget your technical brilliance?Koi dhakka laga tha kya?koi sadma?” Ananyo and myself-did a high five.

Bean was a great dancer-his core competency being Chamiya dancing,Sunil ‘Dumb’ Sett was the other one whose speciality was pole dancing.The bus to Lal guest house from office everyday was adorned with the raunchy moves of these two-I had the privilage of being with them a coupla times.

Another incident that comes to mind is Bean’s incomparable fear-laden expression whispering “Alpha Alpha” whenever Alpha,the dangerous Programme Manager at ILP was doing rounds during one of the 3 suspended days of classes of our ILP.Some of us who were nearest to him,couldn’t suppress sniggers even before the faculty and followed it up by scaring the s*** out of him through our “Alpha Alpha” chants whenever he was around.Bean followed suit-jumping up and running away to save his a**.And the strangest of coincidences used to happen to him,when he was almost invariably caught loitering outside class by Alpha in the few minutes that he stepped outside.Poor BCR-he remained a Bachcha all along-and still is I’m darn sure.

During one of the many ‘pull each others’ legs’ classes during the training,we dragged him onto the stage to sing.And his rendition of ‘Kahin door..jab din dhal jaaye..’ tugged more than a few strings of our hearts to say the least.Bean,alongwith Anup,was the batch topper during our ILP.I remember how happy he was on being rewarded on the last day-calling his parents back home,with the typical bean-like childish smile on his face,and his head bobbing up and down in a way which only he can pull off.
On d right
Showman 2 the core:On d right
When I think of my ILP days,zillions of images flash through the mind,one of the most prominent being,the child 
like face of Priyank,his watery eyes getting sentimental on the very last day for detaching from his batchmates and yet 
pulling my leg on matters pertaining to the opposite gender and a particular member of them.
He was a genuinely good person.Now there is no double meaning to this-even about six months later when I met him 
in Bangalore,and my better half was there with me.I remember a moment when I overheard Bean telling her,”Alekhya is a really special person..in our batch he was..” Sach me Bean-Main touch ho gaya-by God ;)I hoped in my heart of hearts that what he was telling was the truth and only the truth 😉

3 thoughts on “BCR. Pre Yank Kool Karni a.k.a. BEAN

  1. Time for another of my lamentations.. I learned more about priyank n other JCites in the two months @ ILP than the four years of engineering. maybe its for the best; he’d have been an acquaintance one hardly bothers about otherwise. Hope you stay the same dood. All the best 🙂

  2. Abey .. Saale .. bina permmission ke mere profile se photo utha liya ??!!!(abe copyrights law nahi sikhate kya wahan pe ..[;)]) mujhe pooch liya hota .. aur naye pics deta yaar .. ( acly these are pics from my Engg days ..and I really look a ‘Bachha’ in those) … And One more thing Alekhya .. you forgot to mention the ‘Alpha episode’… That really was one of the most funny moments in T55 …

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