So Muck ‘Blah Blah Blah’ Dutta

This guy is anything but muck-and the title of the post is just to pun on his anglicised pronunciation which is one of the many USP-s of this guy.He is from KGEC-my under-grad college itself-and though we didn’t have much quality time together back then,it was never too difficult to gauge the quality in this guy.He was an erstwhile topper in college-but here was a guy who couldn’t care less about studies-or at least appear to do so. Same theme continued in those two wondrous months in TVM too-Somak excelled in the acads-but never lost his verve and charm that is so typical of him.gsg1

He is supposedly the typical ladies-man.I mean when you have the gift of the gab like few other,have a wonderful taste in literature and music,is suave to the core and above all a really affable persona-i guess you got enough reasons to agree to my previous statement.And somak gave us enough reasons to believe him during the various classes-his speech delivery during one class activity after another got really popular and set a really high benchmark for the rest of us to follow.To bring back some old memories,just try and recollect somak’s review of the book ‘Shantaram’-get the picture now?His name was often confused with that of Soma-di,or Soma Dutta,no wonder very few members of the faculty took notice of the little ‘k’ in mr.So Muck ‘blah blah blah’ dutta’s name.That reminds me,just watch him mention’ ‘blah blah blah’ at the slightest of opportunities-the lazy elegance he portrayed while sayin that was really repeat value worthy:)

He usually hung around with Srijeet,Gopa and the most crucial character in this piece-Semonti.This requires special attention.Somak and Semonti actually did a lot of well,muck-racking activities to put it mildly,together.Praloy,the regular prankster and mimic per excellence, had a blast cracking jokes at the duo day in and day out. And truth be told,so muck,Gopa and Semonti gave us all the more reasons to call them names-the raunchy dicussions that these folks resorted to was to be heard to be believed.The raunchy trend continues till this day in the TCS Victoria Park canteen.Now that statement coming from me,a certified raunchy professional myself,is anything but an understatement.So Mr.So Muck,your new nomenclature by me is entirely justified.

Somak had massive mood swings-this was difficult to catch-but i managed to do that once-and honestly-that mood really doesn’t suit this wonderful guy.He is a designer of truly high calibre-and alongside Srikrishna Nomad Nayak(,t55 proudly boasted of being one of the most creative batches in the ILP.Right from under grad days(and i guess well b4 dat too),he used to wear self designed t shirts that were truly unique-and no wonder that alongwith Nomad,he created that wonder of the t55 shirt that occupies a special place in all our hearts-till this day.That’s a different story altogether. Somak is a little genius in his own right-all the qualities that were penned down here may still fall ‘short’ of this tiny phenomenon.

There are some people who are so special in their own ways,that you feel lucky to have met them in your life-Mr.Dutta surely is one.


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