10 things one must do on social media to ‘belong’ :

John Doe@Social1. Review a film/book/ eaterie / Television commercial. You got it.A review.

2. Link lists of books read/films seen/pics taken on instagram, pinterest, goodreads etc. Strut.< IT folks don’t get excited>

3. Comment on other posts in threads to provoke. Troll.

4. Share your career progression in flashback mode.Share updates on completing schools,graduating-as if everyone on your list waited with bated breath to know that when you are 35/40.Timeline.

5. Use convoluted hashtags as a summary to your 30 line status.Well.#Hashtags.

6. Ask everyone not to share images of sorry looking pets,old people,poor kids, deities. Those images.

7. Share breaking news at a speed which will put Reuters to shame.Breaking News.

8. Crowdsource options to buy the latest gadget. And to subtly show you can afford one. Crowdsource /Strut 

9. Follow/subscribe to pages/people which make you appear well informed.Follow.

10. Share blog posts on your facebook wall/twitter handle. Guilty as charged.